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The Mystical Room (Maddie Aflame! Book Two) - by Lana Fox

The Mystical Room (Maddie Aflame! Book Two) - by Lana Fox

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This is Book Two of Maddie Aflame! -- a series for activists, written by bestselling author Lana Fox. Book One is The Swallowing Mansion.

During their first hours inside the Mansion, Maddie, Aud, Raj, and Pike must each survive a magical trial—one that throws them into the worlds that exist inside. It seems the Mansion is actually a living, breathing being that has been taken over by a homophobic power. Within its walls, queers are experimented on and permanently monitored. Watched by the Mansion—and therefore by those who control it—it is hard to find anyone, let alone Maddie’s father and Troy.

But help is at hand.

While the spirit world is separated from the Mansion, Maddie’s Mum finds a way to communicate with her. It turns out there is a Mystical Room where Maddie and her friends will be protected. Though they’ll still be experimented on each day, this room will always return to them. It operates differently to anywhere else. Its rules are magical and strange.

But why is the room there? Is it truly protected? And is it enough to help them break a cruel and destructive regime?

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