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"I have no shame in saying I loved this collection! Filled with a huge variety of great stories all addressing the theme—overcoming some form of shame—Shameless Behavior does an incredible job of beautifully and thoughtfully tackling some heavy issues. My personal favorite was 'Cutter,' by Beth Wyatt.... I couldn't get enough of this one!" --Amazon review by Jade Waters, erotica author

These erotic stories don’t hold back. Why? Because we are proud of sex. From a woman who self-harms and goes by the name “Cutter,” to a doctor whose identity is a deeply held secret, the characters in Shameless Behavior are having such powerful sex that it helps them overcome shame. Penned by a mixture of well-established writers and exciting new talent, these stories will confound anyone who thinks that erotica can’t be deep. And at Go Deeper Press, that’s just the way we like it.

Stories by Beth Wyatt, Lana Fox, Rion Woolf, Daniel Burnell, Laurel Isaac, Sybil Rush, Laila Blake, Sommer Marsden, Zöe More, Stella Harris, Axa Lee, and Kyoko Church.


This BDSM-themed excerpt is from Beth Wyatt's Cutter in which a woman who self-harms is following her instincts into what could potentially be a risky situation. 

Cutter is ashamed of the scars, scores of them, carved into her skin with pathological precision. Thin, white lines on her thighs and belly. Fresh, pink scars and barely scabbed wounds on her arms. She doesn’t want him to see them, though the scars are the only reason he’s invited her here tonight. They don’t seem to bother him. He watches her with his cock straining against the fabric of his shorts.

He beckons her to him with a motion of his head. She moves to him, tentative, and stands within his reach. The weight of his gaze is too much for her to bear. Cutter tries to cover herself, but she has more scars than hands. A sob catches in her throat, and she closes her eyes.

“Shh,” the Fighter says, gently pulling her closer. He grazes the scars on her stomach with his fingertips. “All these cuts.” He holds her fast while he traces the razor-thin scars on her thighs like a blind man reading Braille. “All that pain.” He takes her hand in his, raises her arm gently, and presses his lips to the wounded skin. The point of the toothpick presses into her wrist, but not hard enough. Cutter wants pain. She squirms beneath his touch, flinches away from his tenderness. He looks up at her, his gray eyes shimmering. “You don’t like it when I’m sweet to you, do you?”

Cutter shakes her head.

“Good. I don’t want to be sweet.” He drops her hand, and a smile curves the corners of his lips. “Hand me that belt.”

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