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JOHNNY THE BRAVE: The Complete Series by Lana Fox

JOHNNY THE BRAVE: The Complete Series by Lana Fox

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"I loved this unique and touching story about Dessa and Johnny, and I'm excited for the rest of the upcoming series. Fox paints an underwater world that is synonymous with freedom and is a place more accepting of people like Johnny where 'slowness is sacred like the murmur of the waves,' a place decidedly different from our human world." Chrissi Sepe (Author of Iggy Gorgess and Bliss Bliss Bliss) on Johnny the Brave Book 1

Johnny Baldwin works at the Mermaid Museum in an English seaside town, where he is bullied for being different. However, Mermaid Dessa adores Johnny, and he, in turn, is in love with her. He sees how she suffers being held against her will and promises to return her to her beloved ocean.

As the pair carry out a dangerous escape, the risk of being caught brings them closer. Dessa learns how vulnerable Johnny truly is, and when she sees what he is prepared to sacrifice for her, she is determined keep them together, impossible as this might seem.

This e-book contains both books in the original series: Johnny the Brave and Dessa the True.

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