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Books One and Two of Maddie Aflame! (Series Bundle)

Books One and Two of Maddie Aflame! (Series Bundle)

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From Amazon bestselling author Lana Fox comes an erotic fantasy series for activists. In this bundle, you can buy both The Swallowing Mansion (Book 1), and The Mystical Room (Book 2).

"Gorgeously complicated, sexy as fuck characters that break gender stereotypes, sexual stereotypes and all of your grandma’s ideas about what a loving, stable relationship looks like." —Malin James, Author and Reviewer, Contributor to Best Women's Erotica and Best Erotic Romance. (Read Malin's posts on Maddie Aflame!, starting with On Queer Marginalization.)

Maddie Stokes bursts into flames when life gets intense. Her illness is known as Combustion Syndrome. So now, as she is falling for a group of polyamorous friends, including sexy activists Aud and Raj, she is erupting all the time.

But as this new love blossoms, Maddie’s homeland, England, is far from romantic. For starters, queerness has become illegal, causing crews of activists like Aud and Raj to protect the innocents and fight for freedom. Ghosts have appeared all over England, yet no one, including the ghosts themselves, seems to understand why. And in the middle of all this, a huge historical landmark has entirely disappeared. One day, Langton Mansion was there. The next, it was nowhere to be seen.

The government are apparently “looking into it.”

As Maddie and her new friends are about to find out, however, Langton Mansion is actually more present than ever. In fact, it is luring queers in as they sleep. Night by night, queer folks sleepwalk into its invisible energy and are swallowed by its vapors. But where does it take them and why?

When Maddie’s Dad and his boyfriend Troy are snared by Langton Mansion, she and her new romantic friends set off to save them from the biggest, darkest experiment the country has seen. There will be illusions and hard choices, not to mention events like the Gender Ball, which will test them to the hilt. In the midst of all this, will be sexual connection that binds them ever-closer.

But given Maddie’s condition, the sparks are about to fly.

Content Tag: This book is a queer, polyamorous, sex-positive fantasy in which queer heroes and their allies fight the powers of darkness. This darkness involves bigotry and cruelty against the central characters. Loving sexual relationships are treated as deep, empowering, and even magical healers.

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