How to Write a Persuasive Gay Rights Essay

Are you writing an essay on Sexual orientation? Do you want to write about the struggles of being a gay, lesbian or bisexual? Then, prepare yourself for a bruising, politically incorrect argument that will have you thinking for weeks if not months on end. This is because no matter what your personal beliefs are, you cannot argue against homosexuality without first defending and explaining your opposition to same sex marriage, sodomy and gender selection. So, let’s get started!

First, let’s look at a few examples of how typical homosexuality and bisexuality discrimination arguments go. One common argument against LGBT (gay/lesbian) rights is that being gay is a sin. And just like the bible says that all human beings are created equal, gay people are said to be inferior to heterosexuals in all ways – physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional. This is obviously untrue; gay rights are human rights. Being homosexual does not mean inferiority or lack of abilities.

Another argument that gays are subjected to extra hardships is that the number of reported murders of gay and lesbian people is growing dramatically. This claim is also a fallacy. While it is true that there have been more reported murders of gay and lesbian people, this statistic is due to more awareness of these issues increasing around the world. Also keep in mind that there are more reported cases of reported hate crimes than any other type of crimes in the world, and this statistic also takes into account the number of people who report not being victimized because they simply didn’t know that such crimes existed.

Arguing that marriage between two people of the same sex is still discrimination is also problematic. While some in the gay and lesbian community may disagree, the argument that marriage is still discrimination has been heavily promoted by the far right. It’s unfortunate that these right wingers feel that way, but it’s true that the gay and lesbian community have suffered far greater discrimination than the straight community has ever faced. Gays and lesbians have much more freedom when it comes to their sexuality, which is why they’ve come under fire from the far right groups who have no business complaining about the lack of discrimination in heterosexual marriages.

Many argue that the argument of gay marriage being discrimination is actually rather ludicrous. After all, the United States has had laws banning gay marriage for over 30 years. These laws were consistently overturned in the courts and replaced, yet the gay community never stopped fighting for their equal rights. As a matter of fact, many have fought so hard for their equal rights that they’ve even won the right to marry in the courts. This gives the gay community even more clout when it comes to convincing the court that their equal rights deserve a chance at love and happiness.

One argument that is often brought up when discussing the topic of sexual identity discrimination is the argument that there is no difference between sex or sexual orientation and health issues. It should be noted that the argument is nothing new and that there are cases throughout history that support this view. The bottom line is that there are many different sexual orientations out there and they do deserve to have their own places in society, just as much as heterosexuals do. The argument, however, should not be that one form of discrimination is less offensive or acceptable than another.

A valid argument that many have brought up in defense of their views on same sex marriage is that it’s not a big deal because there aren’t any states that allow people to marry someone according to their sexual orientation. However, just like gender, sex and sexual orientation aren’t things that can easily be differentiated, especially when it comes to a person’s mental makeup.

Someone’s sexual orientation can be completely irrelevant to their ability to have a successful marriage. A bisexual, for example, could be a wonderful spouse and parent, but cannot expect to enjoy the same rights and benefits that someone with a traditional straight marriage would.

When writing a persuasive essay on same-sex marriage, it’s important to take the same rights and benefits for gay rights as anyone else. It’s also important to make sure that your arguments stand up to scrutiny. Because of this, many of the same arguments that opponents of same sex marriage use have been brought up before. Asking the right questions and addressing all the issues is key to writing a solid argument. By doing so, you can ensure that your arguments are persuasive and based in reality – making them more likely to influence readers and sway their opinions.