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M (Book Two in the First Series) by Jacob Louder

M (Book Two in the First Series) by Jacob Louder

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 View FIRST, the first book in the series, here.

"M by Jacob Louder is what literary porn should be – relentlessly hot, with a well of humanity that makes the sex an intrinsic part of a driving, compelling narrative." --Malin James, Erotica Author and Blogger

Nico Ericsson is all grown up. One year away from graduating from college, he has more and more people in his life who love and desire him like he does them. Hot sex lies at the core of Nico’s identity, and he is proud of that. What’s more, for a twink like him, webcam work is not only profitable, but it also helps him provide for his growing community. Nico manages to live his life as openly and compassionately as possible, but when his first love Miranda York—who Nico calls M—decides she wants exclusivity, he has a big decision to make: does he betray his polyamorous identity to keep M in his life, or does he step aside when she finds someone who can give her everything she desires?


"Wow, can Jacob Louder write sex. Reading M is like a master class in sexual self-possession. There’s cam sex, good natured blow jobs and rooftop wankings with his roommate and friends, creatively hot run-ins with exes and semi-random girls, and, of course, there sex with M. It’s in those scenes that Louder especially shines. Using nothing but sexual response and dialog, he gives us stunning insight into Nico, Miranda and their relationship. I’ve said this about Jacob Louder before, but I’ll say it again. He writes literary pornography that is important... I can’t recommend it enough. His dialog flies, the story moves and all the while, Nico and M and the rest of the players are getting under your skin, even as they turn you on." --Malin James, Erotica Author and Blogger (read full review here)

"This book is delicious, decadent, heart warming and heart wrenching. Do I give it five stars? Hell to the fucking yes, I do!" --Oleander Plume, Erotica Author and Blogger (read full review here)

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