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My Sister's Boyfriend by Natty Soltesz

My Sister's Boyfriend by Natty Soltesz

$ 8.99

An Amazon Gay Erotica Bestseller by Natty Soltesz.

That long, hot summer after I graduated from college. The summer I wasted in my hometown, smoking pot and working a crappy job at the highway porn store. The summer I started sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend Joey….

Nate Audley is affable, aimless, and prone to the charms of his would-be brother-in-law Joey, a seducer with sexuality to spare. They indulge in the fantasy of forbidden flesh, but Nate can’t shake what’s at stake: his relationship with his family. Sometimes come is thicker than blood in the first novel from peerless porn writer Natty Soltesz.



“[College Dive Bar, 1 AM] exceeds at being comical and a huge turn-on at the same time.” —BUTT Magazine

“It’s not very often at all that I’m reading porn and getting happily distracted by how good the sentences are and how economical the prose is.” —Dennis Cooper

“The king of intergenerational porn.” —Kevin Killian

“[Writes] like the Stephen King of man sex.” —Joe Gage

Backwoods bypassed my cerebral instincts and went straight to my lap.” —Out in Print

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