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BOY STORIES by Benji Bright

BOY STORIES by Benji Bright

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"As quick and dirty as an illicit stroke-off in a public restroom, Benji Bright’s gay tales prove extraordinary in their capacity to provoke arousal in such brief forms.... Perfect reading material for the subway, but only if your messenger bag is big enough to cover your expanding crotch. I should know." --Dario Dalla Lasta, author of Squeeze Pants

Find your new favorite fantasy in Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales. The flash fiction in this collection is what you’d expect from erotic writer Benji Bright (Candid and The Flavor Triptych)—sexy, ardent, and graphic. Some stories feature characters that are open and warm, while others cast a different, darker light on the lives of queer men. Whether they’re bartalk buddies, sex cult members, best bros, or futuristic rebels, there are guys in Boy Stories who will win your heart and turn you on. Sure, your time with them is short, but there’s good news here: there’s another waiting for you just a page away.

Click here to hear the author reading "Paul" from Boy Stories.

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