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“Fucking hell, can Jacob Louder write sex.” –Malin James

“Lana is like a legit medium, filling us with the deepest secrets of desire.”
–F. Leonora Solomon

For hot, forbidden lit porn that gets you right into the zone, look no further than CumShorts, a collection of over 30 erotic flash fictions, penned by Jacob Louder and Lana Fox, the editors of Go Deeper Press (who, incidentally, share a bedroom).

In CumShorts, these authors reveal wild fantasies, including a riotous glory hole, some desperate twin sisters, a high school teacher known as The Horse, a forest orgy that’s dripping in bodily fluids, a hot Lolita liaison, a cock in frilly panties, a size queen’s ultimate fantasy, and body builder Kylie who calls her ogling fan boy “worm.”

The sex is taboo. The characters are smokin’. And the "c" words just keep coming.



Birthday Blast by Jacob Louder

My boyfriend Holden set up a threesome for my 24th birthday. “It’s all I really want,” I told him, the two of us snuggled close in bed. His eyes flashed as he propped himself up on an elbow, his short black hair still sex-mussed. He said, “With me, you mean?”

“Of course, with you!” I told him, elated already by his excitement level. I could feel my pussy growing wet, imagining Holden hard inside me while I sucked—

“And another guy?” Holden’s face darkened for only the slightest of seconds. I knew he sometimes had cock envy.

“No,” I said, brushing my fingers across his soft stubble. “With Clara Andersson.”

Clara Andersson was about five feet, eleven inches of all-night sexual fantasy. She was a transfer student from a university in Sweden, had the biggest, bluest eyes I’d ever seen, spoke four languages, and was covered in the brightest, most beautiful tattoos on her arms, neck, and chest. She also made a point during every art studio class to set up next to me. I’m pretty sure I swooned every time, and I think she knew it.

I don’t know how Holden did it, but he did: on the night of my birthday, after we were done with dinner, he drove us to an apartment building I had never been to before, and there was Clara, sitting cross-legged on a bench outside.

After she shut the backseat door of Holden’s car, she put her face between our seats and asked, “We’re going straight to your bedroom now, yes?”

I couldn’t help myself. I unfastened my seatbelt, turned toward Clara, and pressed my mouth against hers, kissing that girl so hard and with so much longing that I felt her lips curve into a knowing, confident smile as she pulled me by my shirt collar into the backseat with her.

From the sounds Holden was making from the front, I knew he was watching us in his rearview. “Never jerk and drive, they say,” he snickered. “Fuck that.”

Once we were in Holden’s apartment, Clara had me so worked up that I popped the top button of my jeans, lowered my zipper, and grabbed her by the wrist. I said, “Feel how wet you made me.” I pulled off my shirt as she pulled my jeans down to my ankles, my underwear with it, and dropped to her knees, her soft fingers exploring the lips of my cunt. “Well,” she said. “Someone’s ready.”

Holden was right behind me, his hands so familiar on the skin of my back and stomach. He undid my bra, finding my nipples already hard.

It wasn’t long before Clara had two fingers inside me, her mouth so hot and wet on my clit, her lips, the smooth skin of her cheeks and chin, so different than Holden’s. Holden dropped his hands from my tits to undo his belt and lower his jeans. His cock must have leapt from his boxers because I felt it instantly, nestled hard against the crack of my ass.

Not only could Clara eat and fuck pussy like a stud, but she kept her blue eyes on me the entire time. I looked down on her as she licked and sucked my clit, her fingers moving so expertly that I could hear the wetness she was fucking out of me, bringing me closer to orgasm with every thrust. I grabbed a handful of Clara’s short brown hair and held her tight, rocking my hips against her hand and mouth. I had no idea I would enjoy fucking someone’s face so much.

Holden kept himself busy playing with my nipples, his fingers expertly pinching and caressing. “You look beautiful,” he said to me. “The two of you.” I told him to stand at my side so that I could jerk him off while he sucked and licked my breasts. “Quick,” I told him. “Before I come.”

His mouth was hot and wet on me in seconds—my neck, my chest, my tits—and it was electric, feeling two mouths working my body. With one hand still wrapped up in Clara’s hair, I grabbed Holden’s pulsing hard cock with the other and began that slow, firm jerk I knew he loved so much. That made him moan against my breast, his tongue flicking over my nipple at lightning speed. Clara split her time watching my face and murmuring at the sight of my hand jerking off Holden. “Come,” she said. “The two of you. Come for me.”

Clara picked up the pace, her lips and teeth perfectly demanding on my clit and her fingers fucking me so deeply. When I came, with Holden so hard in my hand and his mouth so soft against my tits, and with Clara working between my legs, I hollered louder than I ever had. My hips bucked wildly, like my hand on Holden’s cock, jerking him until he finally said, “Oh, fuck!” and that meant only one thing: his hot come hitting the skin of my stomach.

The fun didn’t end there, though. There was a whole body covered with bright tattoos to unclothe, to caress and learn its twists and turns. Clara showed me exactly how to fuck a woman, or how to fuck her, at least. And Holden? Well, it was my birthday, after all. He didn’t make a peep.
--Jacob Louder

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