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THOSE GIRLS by Alison Tyler (Book One of Those Girls)

THOSE GIRLS by Alison Tyler (Book One of Those Girls)

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"I love this novelette so much I’ve already read it several times. The story is engaging, well-written, and titillating from beginning to end, but what really impresses me is Tyler’s ability to write such concise erotica while still being very descriptive. I can easily picture every scene in my head, but since there’s no wasted words or superfluous information, the story flows swiftly. Which is awesome, because I hate waiting for the good parts." -- Review from Buzz On Vibes

When Sandy, a bisexual male dom, catches a beautiful reporter sniffing around his BDSM club, he gives her the kind of punishment she not only deserves, but also longs for.

Sandy has developed quite the online following. Prepare for hot, erotic lit like you've never seen, from Alison Tyler.

"In my view, the core excitement in a BDSM scene derives from the psychological and emotional elements, which run the gamut from arrogance and shame to devotion and trust. What characters think, feel and say turns out to be much more important than what they do. It’s tough to write that way, though, because some readers don’t understand that the thrill of surrendering control—or taking control—has little to do with the whips and chains, leather and latex the public associates with BDSM. Alison Tyler makes it look easy." -- Review from Lisabet Sarai
"Those Girls not only challenges the perceptions of an experienced Dom, thereby challenging the perceptions of the experienced BDSM reader but also highlights the power that emotion and desire and just being who we are has over our sexual identities. Such a pleasure!" -- Review from Preston Avery

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