Book Review Essay – “The Wiesel Effect”

A review essay is an official piece of scholarly writing in which an author reviews and analyzes a film or a book of fiction. The purpose of the author is, naturally, to convince his or her audience to agree with his/her views on the subject. If this cannot be done, then his work as an author is considered to be defective and he cannot be accredited. In such a situation, it is not uncommon for a third person to write a review of that particular book or movie, especially if he is an expert in the field covered by the review.

For an example of a review essay, let us take the novel “At Swimsuit City.” The book is about a fifteen-year-old girl who moves from Louisiana to California to live with her aunt and uncle in the city. Shortly thereafter, she has to drop out of school and her aunt and uncle encourage her to go to a nearby bookstore and buy herself a short story she has read about in the library. Although the book is very short, and contains only around 200 words, the task of reviewing the book and coming up with a concise review may prove to be a tough task indeed. To make this easier, an example of a review will make it easier for the reviewer to express his or her views about the book.

The first sentence of the book review should focus on how “At Swimsuit City” opens up and quickly closes. The second sentence should focus on the fact that the book focuses on a few issues. For example, one issue is the cultural gap between the “real America” and the “dream America.” The third sentence should focus on how the book focuses on issues in the US such as immigration and economic equality.

Another way to organize the book review is to create a character analysis. The first sentence should introduce the main character and how she or he came to be in the novel. Next, the character’s identity should be revealed, and his or her relationships exposed. Finally, the relationship between that character and the rest of the novel’s cast of characters should be discussed.

One thing that I like about the style of the book written by Joseph Keough is that he starts from the point of view of an American tourist, looking back at his experiences in Europe. Although there are some negative things about Germany, Keough treats the subject matter in a fair and positive manner. The use of an English writing style makes it easy for readers to understand what’s being said about Germany, and this is what makes “The Wiesel Effect” a good read. As someone who grew up in Germany, I know first-hand how difficult it is to look at Germany and to write a paragraph about it without being pulled into a full-fledged conversation with a German.

A short story doesn’t have the luxury of building its argument until the end. By the time readers reach the conclusion of “The Wiesel Effect,” the mystery surrounding Germany has been fully explained. The ending of the book focuses solely on the perspective of American soldiers who were stationed in Europe during World War II. For this reason, I feel that Keough did a great job of writing a short story about a German citizen who survived the holocaust. Because the reader doesn’t know everything about Germany and the World War II, Keough gives us a glimpse into the minds of ordinary citizens, and these insights give the story substance.