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Three Stunning New Poems by Abbie Normal

Photo of poet Abbie NormalEvery time I get an e-mail from Abbie Normal, it's automatically a good day, and last Tuesday's message was no different. Here are three new poems from my favorite poet, from a project she's working on called "Your Lips Are Like A Scarlet Thread." Abbie writes, "They're based on the sexuality of the Song of Solomon and i'm trying to combine my love for catholicism with my kinky BDSM self." Check 'em out below and if you're fan, then check out Abbie's poetry collections available right here at






Deep in my throat,

Salt and dust, drench and parch.

My crown of rose petals that have shorn thorns,

Pushed down insistent,

no reluctance of my lantern jaw.


My hand on your belly,

Pearls in my swine gut.


I kiss your mouth triumphant,

And the wine swirls

To intoxicate our rendered lips,

Our broken tongues,

Our laughter at breaking the night in two.




The goblet between your blush thighs.

The copper penny stiffens between my crooked teeth.

My tattooed hands like blunted scissors

Spread and keep your legs silken and St. Andrew’s crossed.


The meadowlark grunting

behind your clenched teeth

Betrays your mammal self.


As your spastic flesh calms,

The ocean of cigarette collaged sheets

Rumpled and rippled

Like the gorged swell of a river

in Midwest tornado season.




All the red scrapes and green rot

We’ve been through disappear

As I pin your wrists to the headboard

And I my flex hips strong and sure

And your look of fear,

That blister of your childhood,

Bursts as your moans shake my voice box,

Vocalizing the bass thrums between my legs

And there is no violence anymore,

As our grownup selves

Kiss Heaven’s broken harp

And let the ghosts die

As the big death lets us

Survive to conquer another day.

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