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Why the U.K. Rejected Go Deeper Press

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Why the U.K. Rejected Go Deeper Press

Content: This blog post contains accounts of being denied medication and severe depression.
The U.K. refused my partner his testosterone. 

Jake told me, "I just want to die."
He'd been injecting T. for years in the U.S., yet in spite of all the doctors' letters and evidence he'd brought to the U.K., we were told he couldn't receive ongoing treatment. Why? Because hadn't been "assessed" there. In England, the only people who are legally allowed to "assess" gender identities are a few specialists at a handful of overwhelmed gender identity clinics. So Jake's local doctor, his G.P. put him on a waiting list for an appointment at such a clinic—where, by the way, the typical wait is about two years.

That's right. Trans people wait over two years for treatment.
Two. Whole. Years.
And by the way, the suicide rate is 45%. 

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