Werewolf Sex in Horatio Slice: A Hungry Excerpt

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Horatio gave me boners and made me LOL. What more could you ask for?” —Natty Soltesz, author of College Dive Bar, 1AM and Backwoods

Would you fuck a werewolf? If your name’s Horatio Slice, the answer is YES. In celebration of the launch of Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe by Oleander Plume in just a few days time (officially on 7/24/17), here’s some hot M/M, or rather M/W, werewolf sex from the book between Horatio and werewolf Canis. Enjoy!


Canis helped Horatio out of his clothes before pushing him onto his back on the floor. The first kiss was sweet and gentle, a brushing of lips, almost chaste. “Do you think I’m pretty?” Canis asked.

Horatio said, “Really pretty.” Canis’ musk overpowered him. He felt dizzy and submissive. “I’d probably let you do whatever you wanted.”

“There’s so much I want to do to you. I’m not sure where to start.” Canis’ voice took on a sinister edge that contrasted nicely with his angelic face. Horatio had the brief thought that maybe he should be afraid, until Canis kissed him again, slipping his tongue between Horatio’s lips like a whisper. “I want to kiss you everywhere, and I want you to kiss me.” Canis nipped Horatio’s chin. “Will you kiss me?”


“Will you suck my cock?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Will you let me fuck your mouth?” Canis bit Horatio’s nipples, making him squirm.

“Uh-huh. Give it to me.”

Canis straddled Horatio’s face, positioning his sack right over Horatio’s lips. Canis’ skin made Horatio hungry—and not just his mouth, but his fingers, too. He stroked any place he could reach while sucking that fat scrotum. First, he kneaded Canis’ muscular ass cheeks, spreading them open and dipping a finger between them. The young wolf dripped from his pussy and ass. Horatio teased both holes until Canis growled.

“Taste my dick,” Canis said, leaning forward on his hands.

Horatio opened up and let Canis ease his entire length into his mouth and throat. Clamping his lips around the base, Horatio sucked firmly while Canis thrust—soft at first, then hard and wild. Every push forced more wolf perfume into Horatio’s lungs, ensnaring him further. All he wanted was to be used by this beautiful creature.

“Swallow me,” Canis snarled.

Horatio guzzled every drop of Canis’ spunk, disappointed when the deluge ended.

Canis pulled out and lay on top of Horatio. “I’m sorry. I got carried away,” he said. “That purple smoke turned me into a beast.”

Horatio’s lips were swollen and his throat raw, but he didn’t care. “I loved it,” he said. “More.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Canis whispered.

He played with Canis’ hair. “Sometimes I like to be overpowered. As long as you don’t hurt me, I’m cool with it.”

“We wolves are always eager to show our alpha side, but I promise, you’ll only feel intense pleasure.” Canis sat up. “You won’t be able to control me, but you won’t want to either.”

“Oh, baby. Bring it on,” Horatio said. His balls ached, and his ass was hungry for dick.

“Get up on your knees. Keep your head low.” Canis brushed Horatio’s hair off his back and nipped along his shoulder blades, then down his spine. “Yes,” Canis moaned. “This is what I want.” He spread Horatio open and licked, using the very tip of his tongue to tease his hole. Horatio tried to push back and was rewarded with a quick spank that made his balls tingle. Canis giggled. “So eager,” he said.

“I need it,” Horatio whined.

“I’ll give it,” Canis said, giving Horatio’s ass another slap. “When I’m ready.”

Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe - Coming This SummerMore licking, deeper this time. Canis tongue-fucked Horatio in a way he’d never experienced before. His cock dripped like a faucet as he got lost in Canis’ wild play, forgetting anyone else was in the room. He was Canis’ toy, and nothing else mattered.

“Look what I brought.” Canis rubbed a red pod over Horatio’s lips. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

The oil dripped over Horatio’s ass, down his taint and balls, all the way to the tip of his cock. Canis massaged it into Horatio’s skin, making it warm and even hungrier. He could feel Canis pushing some into his ass with a finger. Horatio was vaguely aware of begging for Canis’ dick, but wasn’t sure if he said the words out loud or in his head. He felt Canis grip his ass, push him down, and stuff the tip of his dick inside.

“Is this what you want?” Canis pulled out. “This?” He pushed back in.

Horatio bit into his forearm, driven to madness by the sensation of his ass being full, then empty. Finally, Canis yanked on Horatio’s legs, making him lay flat before mounting him. Horatio swore the kid’s cock grew a size while it was inside him, driving deep and massaging his sweet spot into submission. Every thrust of Canis’ hips forced a shot of come out of Horatio’s dick, but it was only a precursor to the main event. First, a sharpness at the base of his neck, similar to a vampire bite, but blunt. A dull ache turned into intense pleasure that spread through every nerve in his body. Paralyzed like a mouse inside a snake’s jaws, Horatio was forced to be still and enjoy every delicious second of pure erotic euphoria: throbbing fullness in his ass, sweet release in his balls, a shudder in the crown of his cock, and jets of come that made a sticky pool under Horatio’s stomach.

And then it was over. Canis kissed the back of his neck, easing his cock out of Horatio and stretching out next to him on the floor. “Did I make you happy, Horatio?”

Horatio rolled on his side and held Canis close. “Very happy, baby.”


Oleander Plume in Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe (Watch out, world. Horatio’s coming on  7/24/17.)

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