This Month Is Boy Month

How could it not be Boy Month, with not only Benji Bright’s Boy Stories but Alison Tyler’s Those Boys being the marquee releases of our summer? The title was practically handed to us! And so we honor and celebrate Ben’s and Alison’s characters and their identities, as well as both authors’ contributions to hotter than hell LGBTQ erotica. And believe us when we say that these boys will certainly leave their marks on your heart and, let’s be honest—they’ll probably touch other places on your body, too.

What else is going on: Angela is working with some of her favorite authors, and she can’t wait to make official announcements so that everyone can get as outrageously excited as she is. She wants to mention Jacob Louder’s follow-up to First, which is tentatively titled M, and we hope to be publishing a sneak peek before the summer’s out. Lana is kicking ass all over the place, because that’s what Lana does, and she has stories and novellas forthcoming from everywhere. It’s going to be awesome.

Summer’s on, you guys. Let’s have some fun.

Boy Stories by Benji Bright (M/M erotica, flash fiction)

Benji Bright’s Boy Stories: 15 Quick and Dirty Gay Tales will be available on Monday, June 30, pretty much everywhere. You can check out our interview with Ben, or maybe you’d prefer to read one of the stories from the collection. Either way, it’s all good. Enjoy!

Those Boys by Alison Tyler—Coming July 21!

Alison Tyler’s Those Boys is your new favorite novelette. Trust us. It will be available on Monday, July 21, which, when you think about it, is advantageous: it gives you plenty of time to re-read Those Girls in preparation. In the meantime, you can always check out Alison’s blog or follow her on Twitter.