This February, We Give Hatred the Finger

Hello dear kindly readers, and how the heck are you? We hope that you’re doing as well as possible during hard times. We know there are lots of you out there right now, feeling quiet, and afraid, and we want you to know we haven’t forgotten you. We know you’re there. We care about you.

You’re incredibly important.

Moving to more personal news, we lost our pup this January. Scroll down for a pic of beloved boxer, Lilly. She was very old, had painful back legs, and there’s not a day goes by without our missing her tremendously. She’d clearly woken up to the fact that Hillary Clinton did not get in. Big thanks to all those who popped by on social media etc. and told us you were sorry about Lilly’s death. That meant a lot. Related fact: said pup has taken to haunting the upstairs corridor. We hear her panting, every now and then. No, seriously. We look at one another and go, “What the hell was that?” And we both know it’s Lilly.

Maybe she’s hanging out because ALTERNATIVE FUCKS is coming!!! Yes, around February 20th, we will be launching an anthology called ALTERNATIVE FUCKS. All proceeds go to those amazing superheroes at the ACLU. The kindly, super-talented authors who’ve agreed to let us reprint their stories with no extra payment — and also those who’ve given us an absolutely fresh story, simply because they’re the bee’s knees — include Benji Bright, Ann Cannon, Dario Dalla Lasta, Lana Fox, Malin James, Jacob Louder, Oleander Plume, Natty Soltesz, and Xan West. Available soon from our webstore.

We’re also aware that the ACLU is involved with some quite triggering stuff right now. (As well as some amazingly moving stuff — we #StandWithGavin.) As folks who are able to do what we do because of freedom of speech, we support the ACLU as they defend such an important right — even when the people on whose behalf they are fighting make us barf and barf.

And we also want to say: Roxane Gay, you rock.

From left to right: Lana, Lilly, and Jake.

In other news, I, Lana, had a fantastic time listening to Malin James and Rose Caraway on the Sexy Librarian’s Erotica Blogcast, where these two super-smart artists discuss erotica, sex, sex, and erotica. It’s thought provoking and fun as fuck, as you’d expect from these two geniuses, plus Malin talks about her forthcoming collection ROADHOUSE BLUES in ways that make mah heart go boom. For fans of Malin James, you can get a sneak peak of ROADHOUSE BLUES by buying ALTERNATIVE FUCKS and reading her contribution, Skins.

Oh, and folks who love activist, queer, erotic fantasy fiction should know that Maddie Aflame, Book One, THE SWALLOWING MANSION, is FREE on B&N right now in e-book form. Need some convincing? Malin kindly reviewed the series here.

Right. More from us soon.

–Lana and Jacob