The Roadhouse Blues Launch and Blog Tour!

We’ll be adding new posts that are part of the Roadhouse Blues launch here. New entries are added at the bottom of the post.

Launch of the print book at Amazon and Go Deeper Press. All digital store availability is listed here too.

Caption Contest via Twitter – winner has been announced! @Exposing40 wins a Go Deeper T-shirt and three print books: Roadhouse Blues, Show Yourself to Me by Xan West, and A Woman Walks Down the Street.

Happy Release Day, Roadhouse Blues! by the author, Malin James.

Today’s roadhouse-inspired pic comes from Sin City.

Interview with Malin James, author of Roadhouse Blues – Xan West interviews Malin James.

Roadhouse Blues, by Malin James: A Review by author Emmanuelle de Maupassant

An Excerpt from Roadhouse Blues by Malin James at the blog

Amazon reviews of Roadhouse Blues (+ product page)

Go Deeper Press webstore reviews of Roadhouse Blues (+ product page)

Book Review of Roadhouse Blues by Ella Dawson

Roadhouse Blues by Malin James, penned by Jo Henny Wolf, who writes, “This is a reaction to reading Roadhouse Blues by Malin James, not a review, and as such, it’s messy and as much about myself as it is about the book.” 

Malin James Talks Roadhouse Blues, an interview between Jade Waters and Malin James.

“Impossible to put down.” Four five star reviews on Amazon and two five star reviews at Go Deeper Press!

To Have … Guest Blogger Malin James Talk About Roadhouse Blues – Malin James at F. Leonora Solomon’s blog: As soon as Mick saw her standing in the doorway, I knew I had my film noir story. 

A Conversation with Malin James – Author Melina Greenport chats with Malin James about the writing of the collection, and the craft of writing in general.

Meet Malin and the Roadhouse Blues – Malin James shares an erotic BDSM excerpt at Tabitha Rayne’s blog: The smile crept into her eyes and turned them hard, like the wrench in her hand.

NEW! The Sexy Librarian’s Erotica Blog-Cast at Stupid Fish Productions – A lovely discussion between Sexy Librarian Rose Caraway and Malin James herself on this wonderful blog-cast — topics include Malin’s writing process, the evolution of Roadhouse, and much more, not to mention a beautiful reading from Roadhouse Blues by Malin!

NEW! Stereotypes are the illusion that we have even the first clue about a person based on how they look, and they are very often wrong. Malin James on Stereotypes, Identity and Roadhouse Blues at Delilah Night’s blog.