The Horatio Slice Launch and Blog Tour Page

Welcome to the Go Deeper launch and blog tour page for Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe (launches 7/24/17)! We’ll be adding new posts about this epic, pornographic, fantasy adventure, as they arise, but for real streamers, glitter, and rock ‘n roll, check out Oleander Plume’s Blog Tour Headquarters.

First, check out Oleander Plume’s website for yaoi art and tons of other fun resources. Also, here’s the Horatio Slice trailer, courtesy of Oleander Plume herself:

There’s an Excerpt, Guest Post, and Giveaway at the fabulous Novel Approach where you can win print and e-book copies during launch week. Yay!

Get wolfie with this werewolf sex excerpt from Horatio Slice here at Go Deeper. And if you haven’t yet seen it, here’s a fun excerpt-based intro to the novel: Horatio Slice: Through a Space Pirate’s Keyhole.

Reviewed: Horatio Slice by Oleander Plume – thanks so much to erotic author Mischa Eliot for this lovely and very fun review. Quote: “I had a great time at the beach, but holy fuck, I needed to know Gunner wasn’t dead or dying.”

Yes, it’s the print cover proof by Jacob Louder!


Dr. J.’s Spotlight: The Man, the Guitar Legend: Horatio Slice – thanks so much to Doctor J and Oleander Plume! Quote: “Horatio’s riveting tale champions the phrase: love is love is love.”

Awesome excerpt is up over at Divine Magazine.

Oleander Plume is guest blogging over at Oleander writes, “This book was inspired by the British comedy I watched as a teen. By every concert I’ve ever attended. By books, and movies, and even the Sunday comics.” There’s a contest here, too! Enter to win a chance at a free digital copy of Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe.

Hot shower sex excerpt over at Dirty Sexy Words.

A Gay Celebration of Whacky British Comedy (a post that is inspired by the launch of Horatio Slice) at

“Funny, fast-paced and a great ride! A terrific ‘naughty’ summer pleasure read!” Check out the four five-star reviews up at today!

Great guest post for writers (and those interested in the process) over at KD Grace’s blog + a free excerpt: Oleander Plume Head-Hops with Horatio Slice.

“I loved this. And boy oh boy was it hot. We are talking volcano levels of heat.” Delighted to see this 5-star Amazon UK review from Cheryl Kaye: “Sexy space pirates and a kidnapped rock god….there’s no bad here.” 

At HornyGeekGirl’s blog, Oleander talks about The Sims and how important the game was to her. “What if I then captured these images and used them for promotion, or swag, or my own personal prurient interests? Yes, yes, YES!”

Lovely review of Horatio Slice over at ADreamLoversDreamBook blog: “Oh my goodness…where did this book come from? This amazing, beautiful, thought-provoking, incredible, humorous, and sizzling book? Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe, by Oleander Plume, blew me away. Blew-Me-Away.” [Scroll right down for the review!]

Another great review over at VSreads: “If you dig whacked out adventure plots, kinky sexytimes, and wise-cracking dudes of any species, this erotic romp is for you!”

An Interview With Gunner Wilkes From ‘Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe’: Jacob Louder interviews Gunner Wilkes (or is it really Oleander Plume, author of Horatio Slice? Hmm…). “Like, for example, last Saturday, we went to Merona and stole a ring that has an actual eyeball in it—an eyeball that can see.”

Super Duper Guest Blogger Oleander Plume Brings Superstar Horatio Slice To Us in a Flash – F. Leonora Solomon welcomes Oleander Plume, who shares an erotic flash starring Horatio and a music journalist! FUN times, folks! “But a few whiskey shots later, my dick tells my brain to fuck off. Something about the way he’s looking at me – lips parted, eyes heavy-lidded – makes me think he won’t mind if I slowly slide my fingers over his bulge.”

Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway at LoveBytesReviews – plus win a print book with Oleander Plume!

Gunner and Snake chit-chat over at Heart Throbs!

Oleander Plume shares her dirty Sims secrets, including the Horatio Slice pics themselves, with Tabitha Rayne.

NEW! Read this sizzling, original Horatio Slice flash fiction erotica by Oleander Plume over at Kayla Lords’ blog!

NEW! “If you can’t laugh at yourself…” Oleander Plume shares some of her fave funny quotes from Horatio Slice, at Giselle Renarde’s blog.