The Deeper Weekly: Porny Excerpt from “Fast Girls'” Start-Off Story

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Now’s probably a good time to mention that at least half the staff at Go Deeper Press will be completely and entirely preoccupied over the course of the next month by the “hot-and-sweaty, girl-on-girl” athletic festivities in Canada. That’s right! The Women’s World Cup is finally here, and A.J. just may be more focused on ogling hotties in short shorts than, you know, editing or writing anything. That said, A.J. often finds girls in short shorts very inspiring on the creativity front, so who knows?

A.J.’s alter ego JT Louder, however, finds short shorts inspiring on pretty much everyone. But in this excerpt from his new erotic short story collection, Fast Girls in Short Shorts Always Score, the muscly—and completely fictitious (ahem)—ladies of Team Canada are blowing up his pants. Malin James, erotica writer and blogger extraordinaire, called Fast Girls “so hot and so joyfully pornographic that I couldn’t stop smiling.” So why not indulge in honor of the fearsome fighting Canadians—the tournament’s hosts and everyone’s favorite underdogs! JT has put money down on Team Canada handing it to the Chinese this evening in the opening match. 3-1, he says, but right here, in this excerpt, the Canadians have just started handing it to themselves. Enjoy!

The Day Team Canada’s Shorts Shrunk Significantly

It had been Katie, their captain, who believed she had been first to discover the issue. A girl Katie’s height, well, those shorts had always shown an extra bit of thigh, but the ones she had on then, fresh from the team’s launderer, supposedly? They exposed every inch of her long, muscular limbs—from where her socks ended below her surgically repaired knees to the tender, yet still remarkably well-developed area she would describe as “practically my ass cheeks.” Needless to say, her red shorts fit snuggly and left little to the imagination.

Katie always changed in the toilet area, fearful of being around the other half-naked footballers fresh from the showers as they slipped on sports bras that compressed their small, firm breasts, nipples hardened from the cool air of the locker room—or maybe courtesy of the surreptitious glances of teammates. It was the worst thing ever, Katie believed, to be distracted by thoughts of sex before a big game.

In her dubiously short shorts, she burst into the main locker room area only to find the same had plagued her teammates: all of the women wore very small, very tight, and very red garments around their hips and thighs—even their goalkeeper, who looked especially mismatched in her long-sleeved jersey and gloves.

The only difference was that Katie’s teammates were enjoying this new part of their uniform, cooing as they ran their fingers over each other’s thighs, stopping to tickle the spot between each other’s legs. Katie found Sandy, the woman she’d played up top with for a total of tens years now, bent over a bench. Her shorts had ridden up between the cheeks of her ass, and player after player lined up to savagely spank her, leaving their mark on Sandy’s soft flesh as she cried out in ecstasy over and over again. “Yes!” Sandy moaned. “I am your goal-scoring whore!”

Ha! Katie thought. More like goal-assisting whore.

Katie was really Team Canada’s golden girl, the one they could count on especially during big tournaments like the World Cup. Katie had helped the team win every single point they’d racked up in the group round. And tonight, as the team faced a quarter-final match, Katie had stumbled into this debacle: her teammates in ludicrously revealing shorts so sexy that they managed to make all of the players, you know, kind of queer.

Or “bi-curious,” if that makes you more comfortable.

—JT Louder

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