Roadhouse Blues: The Launch!

“This book grabbed me by the throat.” Xan West interviewing Malin James

We’re delighted to announce that Roadhouse Blues by Malin James has launched in e-book format and already has three stellar, five star reviews, not to mention a beautifully thoughtful and poignant interview with Xan West, author of Show Yourself to Me. Stay tuned for the print book launch tomorrow!

Also the awesome LadySmut blog is featuring close to an entire short story from Roadhouse Blues! Thank you, LadySmut!

Buy links for the e-book:

Find Roadhouse Blues at the GDP webstore (special price).

Find Roadhouse Blues on Goodreads.

Find Roadhouse Blues on Amazon.

Find Roadhouse Blues on Barnes & Noble.

Find Roadhouse Blues on Kobo.