Check Out This Excerpt From ‘My Sister’s Boyfriend’ [NSFW]

Book cover for Natty Soltesz's 'My Sister's Boyfriend.' Illustration of a slender yet muscular man naked and hiding in a closet. He peers out, mouth agape, as if watching something he can't believe is real.

As far as we’re concerned, December 1 can’t come soon enough. That’s the day when Natty Soltesz’s first novel, My Sister’s Boyfriend, unloads itself upon the world. The print books, featuring hot-as-hell boy-in-the-closet courtesy of Michael Kirwan (click here for the NSFW original image, minus the cock-covering triangle), have been checked and approved, the digital versions polished and shiny, and now, to properly prime your pumps, we’ve decided to tease you a bit with an excerpt.

Just a bit of context before you begin: Nate Audley’s back from college and, instead of living with his nagging, weed-flushing mom, has convinced his sister Trisha to let him crash on her couch. Trisha’s live-in boyfriend Joey, with his sly smiles and non-stop flirtation, has teased Nate to the brink. He’d been dealing with this temptation through regular wank sessions, until the night this happened:

I’ve tried to remember if I jacked off when I got home that night, as if that would excuse what happened, as if I could absolve myself.

I know I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for an hour, two hours — it was hard to tell — then I turned on the TV with the volume real low.

The bedroom door opened quietly. I looked behind me. There was Joey, softly shutting the door. In just his underwear.

They were the briefest of grey briefs, leaving next to nothing to the imagination. He walked over to the easy chair. I watched his hairy thighs flex as he walked, the muscular round dome of his butt that stretched out the high-cut back of his underwear.

“I can’t sleep,” he said and flopped down in the chair. He spread his legs, draping one over the arm of the chair. Even in the dim, shifting light of the TV, I could see his cock in the pouch, the ridge of the head outlined on the fabric, the two orbs of his nuts.

“Me either,” I said.

Joey looked at me, smiled his half-smile. He had one arm resting on the back of the chair. His other hand was on the side of his face, his eyes half closed like he’d been just barely on the surface of sleep.

He looked me in the eyes as he ran his hand across his smooth, white chest, over his pert pink nipples. Then down his tight abs, the treasure trail that went into his briefs. “Your sister’s asleep,” he said as his hand brushed across his crotch, fluffed it a bit, then came to rest on the inside of his thigh. “I’m too horny to sleep.”

I looked at the TV. Turned back to Joey.

“I tried to wake her up, but she wasn’t having it,” he said.

“Is she still pissed at you?”

“I guess so,” Joey said. He kept his hand on his crotch, his face turned to the TV where Elliot Stabler was reaming out a child molester.

My cock was dripping. I sat up a bit, stretched one of my arms over the back of the couch, kept my eyes on the TV. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Joey watching me. I liked that. If my summer in Groom wasn’t treating me well in many respects, it was making me look good. All that walking had made me drop the few pounds I’d gained in college. I had a tan. My chest was thin but broad in the shoulders, my stomach flat and smooth.

I had a blanket over my lap. I tossed it off. I adjusted my shorts, pulling them down just slightly. I have almost no hair on my body. In the dim light of the TV, my stomach looked smooth all the way into my shorts. I looked up. Joey was looking at me.

I was letting him look at me, take in my body. I liked it. It made my cock swell. My eyes caught his.

“What should we do?” he said.

My heart raced. I wasn’t going to say it.

He asked, “Want to have a beer?”

“Yeah,” I said and let the air out of my lungs.

Joey got up. “I can’t remember what we’ve got,” he said. It seemed like I should follow him, so I stood. My cock was tumescent, tenting out the front of my shorts just slightly. He opened the fridge, bent down to look in, the light of it casting shadows on his pale musculature. His cock seemed to be chubbed up, too. “Bev left some Yuenglings,” he said and handed me a bottle.

He leaned against the counter and crossed his legs in front of him. We cracked open our beers. He took a drink and I did the same.

My cock was still plump. His was, too. I looked in his eyes and somehow knew we were both thinking the same thing.

“Should we do something?” he said. His hand went to his crotch, cupping it casually, like it could be mistaken for an unconscious action.

“Like what?” I said, but his cock was getting harder and so was mine, and there was no mistaking anymore what this was. We were right on the precipice, the point of no return. We couldn’t laugh it off and pretend like we were talking about something else. This was it.

Joey was a few feet away from me. He rose from the counter, set his beer on it, and took a step toward me. I still had my beer in my hand. I took another gulp and set it on the table.

“Like what I was saying yesterday,” he said, his hand still massaging his crotch, which was hard now, fully hard, and so was mine. He looked right at it. “About just wanting to get my dick wet.”

He looked into my eyes. His were so blue. My sister was asleep two rooms away. Joey was close to me, and our cocks were straining for each other, whether I wanted them to or not. It was just…happening.

He reached out his hand, brushed his fingertips up my smooth side. He took my hand and brought it to his crotch. My stomach was in my throat. I let my hand rest against the fabric of his briefs, feeling the heat there, the hardness. “I know you want to,” he said, and he was so close to me now. My cock was sticking right out in front of me and nearly touching his.

I grabbed his cock through his underwear. It was so hard.

Joey let out his breath. He gripped my lower back, pulled my body closer to him. “I want it, too,” he said, and I took my hand away as he pushed our bodies together, our hard dicks mashing up against one another. I looked in his eyes, and he was looking right at me with lust, and I recognized the look because it mirrored what I was feeling.

We kissed. I don’t know if he kissed me or I kissed him. We just came together, and then I was letting it all go. His tongue went into my mouth and mine into his. I grabbed hold of his shoulders, fell into his body. He grabbed my ass, hard. We pushed our hard dicks against one another, humping as we made out, our tongues fighting for space in each other’s mouths, the taste of beer and cigarettes and him.

Where my sister’s tongue has been.

I broke away from him. “We can’t,” I whispered.

Joey glanced at the closed bedroom door. “Let’s go out to my car,” he said.

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