‘My Sister’s Boyfriend’ Available December 1

Book cover for Natty Soltesz's 'My Sister's Boyfriend.' Illustration of a slender yet muscular man naked and hiding in a closet. He peers out, mouth agape, as if watching something he can't believe is real.

2017 has been an amazing year for Go Deeper Press. We published first books from Oleander Plume and Malin James, and now we’re happy as hell to announce the release of Natty Soltesz’s first novel, My Sister’s Boyfriend. It is pornographic. It is literary. It is everything you need if you like (1) watching guys have it off together and (2) an engrossing story to get you through the holidays.

The book’s summary is below. Stay tuned for a free excerpt that will likely get you all in a tizzy.

xxoo —J.

That long, hot summer after I graduated from college. The summer I wasted in my hometown, smoking pot and working a crappy job at the highway porn store. The summer I started sleeping with my sister’s boyfriend, Joey….

Nate Audley is affable, aimless, and prone to the charms of his would-be brother-in-law Joey, a seducer with sexuality to spare. They indulge in the fantasy of forbidden flesh, but Nate can’t shake what’s at stake: his relationship with his family. Sometimes come is thicker than blood in the first novel from peerless porn writer Natty Soltesz.