2014 Mermaid Voyage

Dive deep for your inner pearls by joining the Mermaid Voyage.

In March this year, we launch our 2014 Mermaid Voyage. (You can listen to the free Day 1 audio visualization here.) This is the ultimate self-love experience for women and those who identify as women — an erotic romance with yourself, for yourself. And before that, we’ll be offering a free Mermaid Voyage Celebration starting on Valentine’s Day, because self-romance is a powerful gift. Not only do we gain more confidence through pampering our erotic-spiritual selves, but also, via the Law of Attraction, basking in erotic self-love helps us to attract soulmates and powerful community. By feeling desirable and expressing self-love we give the universe a message–We are beautiful, romantic, and filled with love!

Run by Lana Fox and Angela Tavares–certified Angel Messengers, oracle readers, and Reiki practitioners (see bios below)–the Voyage will help you embrace your inner desires and express them with light and love.

You’ll find more details about the Voyage at the end of this post. But beforehand, we’ve created some original mermaid folklore. Because, little known to many, mermaids aren’t concerned about attracting others. They’re actually all about erotic self-love:

Mermaids live in packs with their male and female kin, but they’re particularly talented at spending time alone.  By day, when a mermaid isn’t hunting her catch, one of her pleasures is to bask on a rock with the waves rolling around her.  Alone in the sun, she enjoys the cool spray, or dives for seafood, sucking oysters from their shells.  At times, she feels so joyful she can’t help but dance, her tail reflecting light as it swishes through the water.

The mermaid typically makes love to herself in the ocean or on the rocks, bringing herself to climax with the vibrations of her voice:  Her song starts gently, building to a crescendo, then rising to a frenzy too ardent for mortal ears.  (It is said that sailors are sometimes enchanted by such music, which can make them lose control and crash to their doom.  The mermaids are unaware of this fact. And anyway, they can’t help it if they become more alluring after they’ve made love to themselves–this is how the Law of Attraction works, after all–mermaids desire themselves, so others naturally long for them.)  At the point of orgasm, a mermaid feels the pleasure deep within her throat before it spreads throughout her body, making her tail feel alive with the depths of her climax.  She sings on a high crescendo, her body vibrating inside, as warm energy pulses through her being. The epitome of pleasure. After she’s made solo love, she rubs oils into her scales, which shine like a thousand tiny green mirrors, or else she dances in the currents or sings a new song – one that makes her laugh or dream.

Our mermaid enjoys returning to her kin at sundown, where the whole pack meets to feast on any fish they’ve won.  The underwater cave that they call their lair is decorated with crystals that are sunken into the walls–amethysts, rose quartz, and celestite all twinkle. As they dine, the pack enjoy this jewel-decked décor, which emits colored light through which fishes like to swim.

Later on, there is storytelling and singing.  Some mermaids even play the harp, which gives off a haunting underwater melody.  (If you’ve wondered why mermaids are so skilled in the arts, it’s because they commit to erotic self-loving – self-care and sexual pleasure can make us more creative, while also helping us appreciate the skills of others).  Another strength that arises from erotic self-love is a talent for group bonding, so it isn’t surprising that the merfolk chat, while massaging each other’s aching limbs.  In fact, it is rumored that mermaids to practice acupuncture too.  Where they get their needles, nobody knows…

At night, while the water grows dense, mermaids sleep curled together, their tails intertwined, keeping each other snug.  The cave glistens with the gems they once found – each crystal a testament to a life well lived.

–By Lana Fox 

Every day, on the Mermaid Voyage, our Mermaids–yes, you are Mermaids!–will receive a self-love visualization inspired by the Goddess Venus (the Queen of Mermaids herself), a video discussion of how we can love ourselves erotically and spiritually, a special Oracle reading from the Mermaid Oracle, solo lovemaking tips, and more. Details will be coming soon! And if you’d like to join our occasional mailing list for updates, goodies, and more, just send a blank email to editors (at) godeeperpress.com, putting Mermaid List in the subject line.

Namaste, Mermaids.

Mermaid Voyage Leaders:

Lana Fox is a certified reiki practitioner, oracle card reader, Angel Messenger (trained by Karen Paolino), confidence coach, Psychology graduate, and self-help writer. Her spiritual writings appear at My Yoga Online, Spirituality & Health, Good Vibrations, and elsewhere. She is the author of the erotic novel, Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee, which is published by Harper Collins’ Mischief, plus she is a Co-Founder of Go Deeper Press. With erotica appearing in a variety of collections, including Best Women’s Erotica and Best Bondage Erotica, and having written sexuality columns at Boston Magazine and elsewhere, she is a proud sexuality activist. Under her other name, Lana is a confidence coach for writers who also teaches writing at Grub Street in Boston. Find her online at Follow the Signs Like Alice, My Yoga Online, and Go Deeper Press.

Angela Tavares refused to believe that she would never communicate again with loved ones who had passed. Once she opened her heart and mind to the idea, she realized almost instantly that she could, feeling and hearing their spirits. (Their presence was confirmed by two very alert dogs that barked at the empty space above the chest of drawers, which had belonged to her recently deceased grandmother.) She has developed her clairsentience and clairvoyance Interested in the healing arts, she is a second-degree Reiki practitioner. She is also a certified angel messenger and co-founder of Go Deeper Press.