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Publication Info:

To-buy page link (live pre-launch): https://go-deeper-press.myshopify.com/products/strong-coming-soon-strong-horatio-slice-guitar-slayer-of-the-universe

Author: Oleander Plume (http://poisonpendirtymind.com)

Publisher: Go Deeper Press (http://www.godeeperpress.com)

Genre: LGBTQ fantasy erotica (novel length)

Editors’ contact email: Jacob Louder and Lana Fox – info (at) godeeperpress.com

Launch date: July 24th, 2017



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Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe - Coming This Summer










Horatio Slice is NOT dead.

Gunner Wilkes knows a secret. Heartthrob rock star Horatio Slice is not dead. Sure, Gunner may turn heads with his big brain, good looks, and gym-built body, but his mind is on one thing only: returning his all-time favorite rocker and secret fanboy crush to Earth.

Yes, there are VAMPIRE PIRATES.

Fame and stardom were starting to wear thin for Horatio Slice, but when he was sucked through a magical portal while on stage at Madison Square Garden into a strange dimension called Merona, his confusion quickly cleared upon meeting his sexy, dark-haired cellmate, a vampire pirate named Snake Vinter, who filled Horatio in about life in the universe, jumping from dimension to dimension, and craftily avoiding the wrath of gnarly-mask-wearing leather queen King Meridian—a guy nobody wants to cross.

The metal ship is named Frances.

And on Snake’s metal ship live eight identical blond Humerians, who proudly display their cocks and assholes in carefully crafted trousers, as well as a wild assortment of untamable, cock-hungry travelers and stowaways. But someone has hacked into Frances’ mainframe, demanding that Snake and crew deliver Horatio Slice to King Meridian, or feel his wrath.

All the zany magical comedy of Mel Brooks, an adventure not dissimilar to Indiana Jones meets Barbarella, and men, men, horny men, of all shapes and sizes, Horatio Slice, Guitar Slayer of the Universe is wild, fun, pornographic fiction for anyone who loves the masculine, the feminine, and all identities in between. Even more so, it’s for cravers—for aficionados—of big, hard, pounding cock, and anyone who can handle laughs won’t stop coming.

Author Bio:

Oleander Plume writes light-hearted (but explicit) erotica with a heavy dose of humor. While she writes in a variety of styles, her favorite gender pairing is M/M. Or M/M/M. Or M/M/M/M. Who’s counting, anyway? She lives in Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and a couple of obnoxious cats. Find her online at PoisonPenDirtyMind.com or on Twitter at:




Quotes from Oleander Plume:

You can also read the full interview with Oleander Plume here, which includes discussion of her writing process, characters, plot, and more.

“The guys all live on Snake’s spaceship, which looks exactly like a metal pirate ship, complete with a skull and crossbones flag. Snake and crew are ‘space pirates’ who basically steal things for money, or for their own amusement.”

“Horatio himself is a mash-up of many rock gods – Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, Chris Cornell. Other influences are British TV shows like Monty Python, which I watched voraciously during my teen years. Movies like Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks, OMG!), Star Wars, Indiana Jones. Books like the Harry Potter series, anything by Stephen King, and even The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I love multi-layered stories with fascinating characters, tales featuring other worlds.”

On why one of Plume’s biggest influences as a writer is Janet Evanovich: “When I read, I want to be transported. I don’t want to learn anything, or be taught a lesson. I want to be entertained.”

On why Plume kept taking breaks from writing a trilogy with melancholy undertones in order to work on Horatio: “The breaks became more and more frequent. I remember wondering why I couldn’t leave that crazy story alone. Now, I realize I needed Horatio. I needed the comic relief. My life was falling apart around me, but those goofball characters helped me through it.”

“That’s why writing can be so cathartic. Your life might be spinning out of control, but your story is yours. You call the shots. You write the ending. This book has a happy ending, by the way. I think people need a happy ending right about now. (Actually, the beginning and middle is all happy, too. This is just a happy book. And dirty. Holy crap, it’s so fucking dirty.)”

“I mainly write by feel. Sometimes, a scene feels like it needs more sex, or just a bit of erotic teasing. Because if 14 horny dudes were all together on a ship, I like to think they would be naked most of the time. I particularly enjoyed showing how much these guys respect and care about each other.”

On her vampire character Snake: “Well, around chapter two, Snake felt ‘vampy’ to me. Like his character crawled into my head and whispered, ‘Oleander, I need to bite people. Make it happen.'”