Leaves Fall, Nin Rises! GDP October News

Hello, hello, friends! Here’s hoping you’re all well. At GDP, we’re welcoming fall. The sun is shining through the russet leaves and our dog is bounding around, loving every minute. (That big goober. She has the longest legs in the known dog universe and gallops like a gazelle.) In the meantime, we have lots of news to share. And what’s your news? Let us know, won’t you? Tweet us @GoDeeperPress anytime.

august-mclaughlin-girl-boner-radioFirstly, Lana was honored to appear on August McGlaughlin’s Girl Boner podcast. Lana’s a huge fan of August, her podcast, and all her work, and she can’t stop talking about how marvelous it was to chat. August also wrote a beautiful post that quotes both Lana and Dr. Meghan Fleming who also appears on the show. The episode itself is entitled “When Sex Feels Sinful: How to Heal the Shame.

Now here’s the thing. If you’re a fan of queer kink erotica, Xan West has audio-recorded a story from Show Yourself to Me. Check it out and enjoy!

auletriscoverLana Fox will also not be quiet about the fact that she read Anais Nin’s Auletris before its release! Yes, Auletris is an erotica collection by Anais Nin that has never before been published and is now available. (Can you tell we’re excitied!) It launches on 10/18/16 and it’s a DOOZY. Lana spent most of her very, very excited read fanning herself and using heartfelt expletives — she hopes to write more about its amazingness soon. She also had a wonderful time discussing the new book on Paul Herron’s Anais Nin Podcast, along with Jessica Gilbey, Rose Caraway and Anain Bjorquist. Auletris is edited by Paul Herron and is brought to you by Sky Blue Press. We are so grateful for Paul Herron’s amazing work!

You know Oleander Plume, right? No? Shocking! If you don’t, follow her on Twitter here. (She is brilliant at Twitter!) Oleander and her two wonderful daughters reviewed our very first BENT young adult novella, The Winged Hendersons of Welton-on-Sea by Sue H. Williams. It’s a delightful review — so perceptive, thoughtful and fun. We hope you’ll take a gander! (That’s English for a “look,” apparently.) Also, don’t miss out on this beautiful, poetic noir erotica from Oleander Plume — you’ll find it in the Fresh Smut section of her website. You’ll be glad we told you about this.

And if queer YA is your bag, Lana was recently very impressed with Bad Idea by Erica Yang. Check it out!

Our friend F. Leonora Solomon, who writes gorgeous, steamy erotica, is featured in a new anthology called Silver Desire: Erotic Stories of Older Women, ed. by Zak Jane Keir and Elizabeth Coldwell. A great concept, yes? Take a look, folks. Also, if you’re an erotic flash fiction writer and/or reader, take a look at F. Leonora Solomon’s Friday Flash meme.

Our friend Malin James writes an amazing post about secret identities in which she openly discusses the relationship between her two names: “Naming that half of myself gave me permission to be everything I no longer felt comfortable being,” she writes. Malin also wrote a delightful set of reviews of Maddie Aflame! They’re quite beautiful.

Rumor has it that GDP author Dario Dalla Lasta of Squeeze Pants fame, is going to appear in the “Off the Rocks” anthology, Vol. 20 for their “Coming Out On Stage” issue from New Town Writers. Awesome, Dario! Tell us when it’s live, will you? Oh, and folks, you can follow Dario on Twitter here.

Also, the latest in FTM sex toys is available now! Thank you, Buck Angel! Brutus Queery reviews the Buck Off here.

That’s all from us, folks! But feel free to tweet us @GoDeeperPress and let us know your own October news!

–Jacob and Lana