Kink in the Podium: “Tristan” by Natty Soltesz

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Today, we have some free kink from Natty Soltesz’ College Dive Bar 1AM, which has been nominated for a LAMBDA Literary Award — congrats, Natty! In “Tristan”, the narrator is invited by a college professor to hide in the enclosed podium from where he teaches his classes, so that none of the students know the narrator is crouched there at the good doctor’s feet. Crazy-hot kink ensues:

A lot of girl students greeted him coquettishly; he seemed popular with them, for obvious reasons. For the first part of class, he reviewed what they’d been working on. Still, he walked around a lot, taking questions and asking questions.

Then he turned down the lights and turned on the projector. I learned eventually that this was how he structured his classes—the last half-hour was always devoted to working on problems on the overhead with a dry erase marker, and he barely moved.

That’s when I got a really good feel. It started to plump up. He only pushed it closer, letting me get a good grip, always talking to his class, never missing a beat.

It felt like he was wearing briefs, and his huge, half-hard cock was definitely stretching them to their limit. I unzipped his pants. He pushed his crotch closer. It was dark, but there was a soft glowing light from the projector, and I could see the packed pouch of his white Y-front briefs. I knelt up to get better access, my heart beating out of my chest, and felt along the taut, smooth fabric.

He explained equations as I pulled apart the elastic-flapped front of his briefs and took out his hot, fleshy cock. He was hung—no surprises there—and it was a beautiful, real-man’s dick. It hung even when it was fully hard. I stroked it and let it rest, watching it pulse, bouncing in quick jerks, then lowering as he went on teaching.

From College Dive Bar 1AM by Natty Soltesz (available at Go Deeper, Nook, Amazon)