J. Louder Leaks More From M

M (Book 2) by Jacob LouderHello, hello, good friends! You may or may not have heard about our misfortunes, which forced us to find a new place to live—oh, you know—just about two days before Christmas. This SUCKED. It really and truly sucked, but, Goddamnit, we did it. GDP offices are now officially located in Northampton, Massachusetts, where you don’t have to walk too, too far to stumble upon The Queer-Identified. It’s awesome.

But enough about us and more about M: M‘s release date has been postponed due to said watery misfortunes. It’s now coming out on Wednesday, January 7, but Jacob Louder has leaked the first section for your immediate reading pleasure on J’s blog. It’s incredibly graphic, very hot, and probably not all that SFW. Enjoy it, though, in the comfort of your own personal and private (or semi-private) space! Just lick click here!