Interview With Natty Soltesz

Author photo of Natty Soltesz

My favorite thing about running Go Deeper Press is that we help get our favorite authors’ works out into the world. My second favorite thing is interviews. Typically, the majority of email exchanges between GDP HQ and Author X involves edit negotiations and what have you. Not once, amongst the many months it takes to get a book ready for publication, do I ask them, “Tell me a little about yourself.”

Well, until now.

If you weren’t a fan of Natty Soltesz before, you likely will be after reading his answers to our questions. And just in case you missed it, Natty, Lana, and I just celebrated the launch of his debut novel, My Sister’s Boyfriend, which is pretty much available everywhere. Now that the pre-publication push is over and done with, we figured we’d put him on the spot.

Ready? Here comes Natty.

Who was one of your first crushes, and what did you love about them?

Natty Soltesz: My first thought was Bruce Willis: that chest, that ass, and his adorable mug. Then I remembered this guy I saw on my paper route when I was eleven years old. He had blond hair that fell in a surfer wave over his eye and wore a t-shirt over his lithe chest. I only saw him for a moment, but the image stuck.

What was some of the first porn that really excited you?

NS: The first porn I ever saw was a stack of Playboy, Penthouse, and Penthouse Forum magazines in the railroad yard behind my house. But the first porn that really excited me were two issues of First Hand my brother and his college roommate found in a dumpster and held onto for whatever reason. It was the first explicitly gay porn I’d seen, and they really came in handy (har har).

Can you tell us a little about the life you’re living and how you feel about it?

NS: I’m doing a long-term visit/artist residency at a rural commune. It’s enriching. I work hard, but not too hard, doing off-grid stuff like keeping myself warm with wood fires and living with an ever-rotating and diverse group of people who expand my mind by the minute.

Are there any deep secrets you’ve kept that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us, after the fact, we ask cheekily?

NS: I suck my thumb for comfort. It’s weird because while I’m open about the fact that I do it, I have this shame block in my head that keeps me from doing it around anybody. I know this isn’t sexy, but what are you gonna do.

Book cover for Natty Soltesz's 'My Sister's Boyfriend.' Illustration of a slender yet muscular man naked and hiding in a closet. He peers out, mouth agape, as if watching something he can't believe is real.What does the concept of “come brothers” mean for you?

NS: It’s a phrase that turned me on when I put it in Joey’s mouth. He’s this character who gets off on the transgression of fucking siblings; that’s his little fantasy. It’s a nice fantasy.

Has porn helped you, as a person? Would you be happy to share any ways in which is has helped—or helps—you?

NS: Porn helps me to masturbate, and for that reason it’s important to me. I don’t take masturbation as seriously as I could sometimes, but it’s important to me. Porn fires my imagination and makes me feel excited and good. What’s not to like? Well, the potential for exploitation, I guess. But that’s why written porn is so great: I’m only exploiting myself!

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

NS: I’ve watched the entire series run of 30 Rock about six times over. It makes me laugh and veg out.

On the day the world ends, whose lap would you like to be sitting in?

NS: Too soon, Jake! Or should I say too near? My boyfriend’s, of course, though I’d rather he was sitting in mine.

If we could gift you a magic spell, what would you change with it?

NS: Destroy all nuclear weapons. It’d be a start, anyway.

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