Help Xan West

Book cover of Xan West's queer kink short story collection, Show Yourself to Me. The genders of the cover models are unknown. A Dominant's thumb rests against the bottom life of the submissive, opening their mouth. The chain of the submissive's collar dangles from the Dominant's index finger.If we’re Facebook or Twitter buds, chances are you’ve already seen what we’re up to: Xan West (aka Corey Alexander), author of Show Yourself to Me, is fighting homelessness. They need our help to keep safe.

Corey has started a YouCaring campaign to help them keep off the streets. To help Corey raise a little extra, Go Deeper Press is giving them 100% royalties on all digital copies of Show Yourself to Me sold on We will do this until their campaign ends on May 23 or they meet their goal of $15,600.

We’ve knocked a dollar off to make this more enticing—$4.99 for one of the most personally important books I’ve (that’s me, Jake) read/edited in a long, long time. (If you’re interested, you can read about my experiences with Show Yourself to Me right here on Xan West’s blog.) This is gripping, challenging, beautiful queer erotica. This is a person of amazing talent and heart that deserves the help of their community.

If you haven’t already, please buy a copy today.

If you’d like to help Corey directly, please donate what you can on their YouCaring page:

Thank you!

-Jake and Lana