July News: Wings, Free Erotica, Bestsellers, and Love for Orlando

GDP032-CumShortsCover300_1024x1024Hello, dear friends, hello! It’s time we shared some news…

So! We have a new, swanky webstore, and in celebration, you can download our new CumShorts: 32 Very Short Stories of Very Filthy Literary Pornography entirely for free, this month. This erotic e-book is brought to you by Jacob Louder and Lana Fox (that’s me!), the editors of Go Deeper Press, with many thanks for being sex-positive you. There’s also a FREE READS section. What’s not to drool about?

While we’re at it, check out these posts and pieces of news from Go Deeper’s authors, friends, and connections:

We’ve been really upset about Orlando. Truth is, we’ve been too shattered to blog about it. But thank goodness others have been courageously writing and blogging. We’re deeply grateful to Xan West, author of Show Yourself to Me, for sharing an “Orlando edition” of Xan’s always-awesome “Links of the Week.”  The posts and excerpts center around queer and trans Latinx voices. Be gentle with yourself when reading, folks. Thank you, Xan.

Author Malin James posts a gorgeous Sinful Sunday selfie, and makes a fantastic point about objectification. There are those who act as if objectification is always a bad thing. We know it really can be. But surely it’s all in the attitude! I, Lana, regularly objectify Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Jake (my partner’s) gorgeous tattoos, and the tree outside our window. That does not make them any less meaningful for me. In fact, I appreciate them all the more, because it’s the beauty I focus on. So thank you to Malin James who makes this point most eloquently, while also giving us a stunning pic. What could be better? While you’re at it, go check out some of her gorgeously written erotica — we recommend this rich and dark piece, La Belle Dame (which contains D/s and knife play).



Go Deeper BENT author Sue H. Williams, whose queer young adult novella, The Winged Hendersons of Welton-on-Sea, will be launching soon, shares her thoughts about wings and flying, her personal history of fingerprinting as an immigrant, and some beautiful dreams that changed her. The post is here. She also links to a video of the man who really did create a pair of wings and take to the air — it’s profoundly joyful stuff.

Thanks to the magnificent Paul Herron (if you’re an Anaïs Nin fan and aren’t following him, go follow him for heaven’s sake!), we’ve discovered this awesome Kickstarter campaign, which funds Anais Nin Goes To Hell from Manhattan Theater Works. This is, according to the Kickstarter page, “a witty, poignant play about stranded, smart, and strong women, which challenges its audience to look beyond outward validation and seek strength and power from within.” It sounds magnificent. We just made our own contribution. Every little counts, right? We’re saddened that MHWorks will soon be closing its doors.

We’re truly grateful to BookBub, who featured Cream: An Erotic Romance in their email deals in June. This meant that Cream shot up to the top of the Erotica charts on Amazon, coming in at #2 in Erotica and BDSM. BookBub is an awesome company and indie presses and authors should check ’em out — researching the kinds of books they accept is key, of course. We’re tickled pink with the success of Cream. Thanks so much to everyone who bought the book and spread the word.

Fans of Natty Soltesz, author of College Dive Bar, 1AM, will be pleased to know that he recently published a new erotic collection called Buddy!

Hope you’re all doing well! We continue to work away in the GDP office, which is really, really hot right now. (Just ask our dog!)

–Lana Fox