#GDPDirty Contest! Ria Restrepo Turns Us On in Less Than 140 Characters!


Pic by Alan O’Rourke via Creative Commons, with thanks!

Labor Day Weekend isn’t necessarily the best weekend for a dirty tweet contest. So how stoked were we when erotic author Ria Restrepo entered her delicious, kinky tweet for our entertainment?

Answer: VERY. Especially since I’m nuts about priest and clergy/confessional kink.

The contest was in celebration of Natty Solesz’ queer porn collection, College Dive Bar 1AM. Here is Ria’s tweet—she’s the winner of the contest!


Read more from Ria in Jillian Boyd’s SPY GAMES.

Ria, thank you for your sublime short story! What a lot of heat for just one tweet. *fans self*  If you’d like to read more of Ria’s delicious writing, here’s her website, and you can also read her latest story in Spy Games edited by Jillian Boyd. Oh, and if you, like us, love to read sexy scenarios involving people of the cloth, check out our As the Bishop Said to the Actress kinky collection, also available from Amazon. Enjoy!

–Lana Fox