#GDPDirty: A Contest in Celebration of Natty Soltesz

Credit: Philippe Put via Creative Commons.

Credit: Philippe Put via Creative Commons, with thanks!

Think you can turn us on in 111 characters or less? Tweet us a sexy, original line created by you. You might choose “When I pack, I pack big,” or “Janey’s hair swished over her face as she bent over to tie my shoe,” or “Davey’s cock filled my ass so deeply that I wailed out loud,” or…well, the sky’s the limit. Serious, silly, cocky (we love cocky)…all moods work. No snobbery here. But it has to be hot. After all, this contest is inspired by that genius of hotness Natty Soltesz, whose College Dive Bar 1AM is hot, hot, hot.

*fans self*

Click to buy from Go Deeper.

Click to buy from Go Deeper.

Ahem. What you win, if you win? A free e-copy (any format) of College Dive Bar 1am, plus publication and celebration of said tweet here at the Go Deeper blog. We have a total of three copies up for grabs and will bestow them on three lucky winners.

Rules: You must use the hash tags #CollegeDiveBar1am #GDPDirty when you tweet your sexy line. You need to promise that it’s your original creation. (No, smartypants, you cannot nab it from Natty Soltesz. We’ll notice.) You also need to be happy for us to post your line on this blog and generally fawn over you. You don’t have to tag us. We’ll find you! Just use the hash tags. You’re only eligible if you do. Each entry must be 111 words or less and entered as a discreet tweet. 3 entries per person maximum, thanks. Deadline for submissions is 9/8/15 @ midnight EST. Good luck!

To get your wheels rolling, here is a sizzling excerpt from Natty Soltesz’ College Dive Bar 1AM. Enjoy!

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