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Below, you’ll find an excerpt from Alison Tyler‘s smoldering Those Boys. It’s, you know, adult material. So it’s NSFW — and right from moment one. Scroll down to below the line to read the excerpt.

Why are we posting this? Because Those Boys is free on Kindle this weekend, starting today! Here are a few snippets from Amazon reviews:

“The sex? Hot. The kink? Even hotter, and with twists that even my dirty mind didn’t expect. But the most beautiful part of this work of fiction is how much it rings true.” –Rebecca

“I have only had Those Boys in my hot little hands for a few weeks, and already I have memorized some of it. I read a hell of a lot, like more than is needed or normal. I have too many stories in my head. This one is the best I have read all year, no s***. Most books don’t come close to making me feel for a character what I feel for Sandy.” —Karen Blue

“Alison’s writing is some of my favorite erotica. But even among her many books and characters, Sandy demands you sit up and pay attention. Or bend over and beg for it.” –Amazon Customer

“Sandy’s adventures with his exquisitely sexy submissive partner, Vanessa, and new-kid-on-the-block, Rem, are kinky, sure, but there’s an undercurrent of empathy that Sandy has for his subs and consequently, Tyler has for her characters, that make this novelette more than just a bastion of perverted pleasures (which it most definitely is).” —Benji Bright

You can download Those Boys today through Sunday, absolutely free. All right! Now for that NSFW delight…


A delectable threesome from Alison Tyler’s Those Boys

Sheathed, [Rem] pressed the head of his cock to Vanessa’s opening. She’d been properly primed, stretched and loosened by the beads. Even though I clocked the size of Rem’s hefty joint, he was able to press inside her with ease.

“Tell me,” he said, his voice raw. He was talking to me, not her. I knew that. I knew he was begging me to fulfill his needs.

I came closer. I ruffled his hair. Look at that. He didn’t shrug me off. I was stroking his precious mane, cooing words of encouragement. “Hold her hips. Spear her.”

“Tell me. Please.”

“Have you had a man take your ass before?”

He shook his head.

“You say, ‘No, Sandy’ or ‘Yes, Sandy,’” I explained matter-of-factly. I couldn’t penalize him yet. I might be cruel, but I am fair. He didn’t know the rules.

“No, Sandy.” A rush. A whisper. A dream.

Sometimes the most difficult part of being a dom is not letting your sub know how much he or she is affecting you. Rem unlocked something deep inside me. I had to work to keep that door shut.

“What do you want?” I asked him. He was fucking my pet, stroking her ass in long, even thrusts, and even while I quizzed him, he had the wherewithal to grip the vibrator once more and flip the switch. Vanessa’s body tensed in anticipation, and then visibly relaxed as he touched her clit with the buzzing device.

“What do you want?” I asked him again.

“This,” he said, and he looked at me, and his eyes were begging. “What you have. What you were doing to her.”

“Pulling her strings?” There was a half-smile on my lips.

“Yes,” Rem sighed, and I let my fingertips dance along his shoulder blades, tracing the designs, feeling the colors.

“You want me to pull yours?”

His jaw went slack. I guessed that Vanessa’s muscles were tightening and releasing on his cock. Either that or he was imagining exactly what I might wrap my hand around and tug.


I slapped his face. He looked at me with wide, shocked eyes.

“Yes, Sandy,” I repeated for him. There was malice in my tone. Did he really want to test me? Didn’t we both know that he would lose?

It’s free today. Thank Alison Tyler. And enjoy.