For “Fucks'” Sake

Hello, friends!

Jacob here, writing to let you know some news:

  • First off, Alternative Fucks is now available on Amazon. It’s got a way more boring title and cover to get around those annoying censors, BUT for those of you who enjoy the great benefit of “click and read,” it’s there now for you and your Kindle!
  • We have raised nearly $300 for the ACLU. Thank you for your support!
  • Some of our authors are having fun on their blogs today in honor of the collection, and this is all thanks to two of our favorite creative masterminds—Oleander Plume and Dario Dalla Lasta. Find out the name of the dirtiest story Malin James has ever read, Natty Soltesz’s favorite movie, Lana Fox’s dream vacation. What are you waiting for? Click away!

Dario Dalla Lasta

Lana Fox

Malin James

Oleander Plume

Natty Soltesz

You can buy Alternative Fucks now from our online store.