Tamsin Flowers Snogs and Interviews Harry Lomax of Alchemy

Coming this June!

Coming this June!

Today at Go Deeper, we’re honored to welcome Tamsin Flowers and her Alchemy protagonist Harry Lomax, who is a total stud and pretty damn intriguing. Over to you, Ms. Flowers.

Tamsin: Go Deeper Press requested an interview with Harry Lomax. Yes, that’s right, Harry Lomax – Chicago’s Prince of Kink and head training Dom at the legendary Alchemy Club. And who gets to do the interview? Me, Tamsin Flowers, erstwhile creator of (though certainly no longer in control of!) the naughtiest boy in erotica! It’s a tough life, eh?

TF: Hi Harry, nice to see you today!

HL: Tamsin!

(Excuse us while we kiss…maybe come back in half in an hour…)

TF: Wow! *wipes mouth with back of hand* You really are as a good a kisser as I wrote you to be.

HL: You’re too kind, Tamsin. But you’ve given me a lot of practice over the six episodes of Alchemy xii so far.

TF: I know what you like! Okay, Hal, let’s get down to business.

*HL raises one eyebrow*

TF: You work at Alchemy, right? Can you explain, for readers who don’t anything about it, what Alchemy is?

HL: Alchemy is your fantasy BDSM club, Tamsin! It’s a 70-story tower block in the heart of Chicago that’s probably the most exclusive private members’ club in the world—and the top 10 floors are my little domain: the city’s most exciting BDSM club. Our members can have anything their hearts desire, and I keep a crack team of Doms and subs to pander to their every need.

TF: Sigh…I really need to come and visit you there some time, Harry!

HL: Of course, Tamsin—you’d be my honored guest!

TF: You’re English, so how did you end up being in charge of a club in Chicago, Harry?

HL: It’s a long story and I believe you’re going to write about it one day, aren’t you? But, in a nutshell, there was trouble at home when I turned 18 and I went into self-destruct mode. Fortunately, however, I stumbled into arms of Alchemy uber-Domme, Belladonna Grimm. And the rest is history!

TF: You’re training four subs at the moment. Tell us a little about what makes your perfect sub.

Coming this June!

Coming this June!

HL: Good question but I think there’s no such thing as ‘the perfect sub’, Tamsin. Every sub is an individual, as is every Dom/me, and that means every D/s relationship is unique. I certainly have a very different dynamic with each of my four subs. For example, Beth is my absolute angel—beautiful, sweet and so naturally submissive she makes me melt. Mason is full of fun and bounce and submission for him is a very physical experience. Mia is my quiet, thoughtful sub and we spend long hours discussing the nature of Dominance and submission. She’s so intelligent, I adore her.

TF: And Olivia?

*HL laughs out loud*

HL: Ha! The delicious Olivia Roux. You know, I sometimes wonder if she’s even a sub at all. *winks*

TF: Yes, she’s certainly an enigma to me, too! Changing the subject, Harry, before you give any spoilers, I want to move on to your legendary prowess.

HL: Happy to demonstrate it for you at any time, darling!

TF: *flustered* No, that won’t be necessary, thanks! But I wanted to ask, is there anything you wouldn’t do?

HL: No! I’ll give everything a try once. I’m totally open-minded when it comes to sex—as long as all involved want to be there, then I say go for it!

TF: And is there anything you haven’t done yet but would love to?

HL: Ah, yes, Tamsin—I wanted to have a chat with you on this very subject. There are a few things I haven’t done with Olivia yet that I’m just itching to do…

TF: Okay, email me after and I’ll see if I can write them in for you, Hal.

*HL bestows another of his legendary kisses on his creator*

TF: Sigh… Harry Lomax, answer me this—do you fall in and out of love easily?

HL: No, not easily. But when I do fall, I fall hard.

TF: So you have been in love?

HL: Yes, of course I have, Tamsin. In fact, there are three people who I’ve been in love with during my life. Three very special people.

TF: Did you get hurt by these people, Hal?

HL: No comment.

TF: One last question, Harry. Are you in love now?

HL: No comment, Tamsin. Though if I spend any more time with you…

TF: Harry Lomax, you’re a rogue! Thank you so much for this interview.

Thanks so much to both Tamsin and Harry! You folks seriously rock!

You can follow the story of Harry and Olivia in Tamsin’s Alchemy xii series – find out more here:

The latest episode, Alchemy xii – June, features nipple clamps, pony play (Lana faints!) and the return of Dick Glass. And Olivia finds out some interesting details about Harry’s past…



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PLUS – to celebrate Alchemy xii reaching the halfway point with the June episode, Alchemy xii – January will be free throughout the month of June!

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