The Day Team Canada’s Shorts Shrunk Significantly

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Book cover for Fast Girls in Short Shorts Always Score, a short story collection by Jacob Louder. A woman stands confidently in a white tank top, looking away from the camera. She hold a soccer ball under her arm.

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Jacob Louder’s Women’s World Cup soccer-themed collection, Fast Girls in Short Shorts Always Score, is available now! Today, we’re sharing a sexy snippet from one of the stories: “The Day Team Canada’s Shorts Shrunk Significantly.” Here, Katie has just discovered that her uniform shorts have, well, really REALLY shrunk.

In her dubiously short shorts, she burst into the main locker room area only to find the same had plagued her teammates: all of the women wore very small, very tight, and very red garments around their hips and thighs—even their goalkeeper, who looked especially mismatched in her long-sleeved jersey and gloves.

The only difference was that Katie’s teammates were enjoying this new part of their uniform, cooing as they ran their fingers over each other’s thighs, stopping to tickle the spot between each other’s legs. Katie found Sandy, the woman she’d played up top with for a total of ten years now, bent over a bench. Her shorts had ridden up between the cheeks of her ass, and a small group of players lined up to savagely spank her, leaving their mark on Sandy’s soft flesh as she cried out in ecstasy over and over again, “Yes! I am your goal-scoring whore!”

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