Deeper Daily: The Break-In Billionaire by Lana Fox

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In this excerpt from this brand new series, Leo, The Break-In Billionaire, has lured the risk-thirsty Bethany into breaking into a gorgeous mansion so that they can have steamy sex there…and savor all the risks that accompany such a crime. 

Bethany’s heartbeat grew louder. She felt breathy, panicked, and wonderfully alive. With Leo’s muscular body up close and personal, firm and warm beneath his sleek designer shirt, she could have jumped his bones right there, especially given the risky scene. There was a deep, insistent heat in her cunt, and it was growing, throbbing.

“Nervous?” asked Leo, a dry note in his voice. His eyes were bright, like shards of crystal caught in the moonlight.

“Of course,” said Bethany, running a hand down his sleek back. “I guess that’s part of the thrill.”

Leo turned to her, took her face in his hands, and kissed her hard.

It was a deep, frantic, animal kiss—not coy or flirtatious at all. Leo kissed her like he’d wanted her for years, like he owned her, finally, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He kissed her deep, making her moan into his mouth, his tongue telling hers exactly what it wanted. Bethany purred with arousal, her body melting. The danger of being here made her whole body pulse, tingling with energy, sensitive to Leo’s every touch. He felt impossibly good, his every movement so attuned to her pleasure that she almost forgot where she was.

–Lana Fox in Criminally Steamy, Book 2 of The Break-In Billionaire



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