Deeper Daily Special: Day Two of Those Girls by Alison Tyler

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Today it’s Alison Tyler’s Those Girls again. She’s in the hands of Sandy, that wondrous Dom…

I slid my fingers inside of her, and she groaned and spread her legs wide for me. I fucked her ass with my middle finger and my pointer, and I got her to the edge of another climax. Good, she was a greedy ass whore. I liked that. Then I positioned myself behind her and pressed my cock to her greased-up hole.

“Show me your face now,” I demanded. She turned to look at me over her shoulder once more. That smug self-satisfaction was gone. She appeared confused, worried. I pushed hard. She groaned and took me in.

“I’ll have you fitted for different plugs,” I told her. “We’ll find a small one you can wear during the day, larger ones for your night training. We’ll have fun playing all sorts of filthy games with your backdoor.”

Vanessa cried out as she came again.

–Alison Tyler in Those Girls







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