Deeper Daily Special: John Gets Jacked by A. J. Armstrong

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Today’s erotica comes from the awesome A. J. Armstrong, whose work is deliciously porny. In this excerpt from John Gets Jacked, John is screwing Ana from behind in a parking lot. Ana is an exotic dancer, so is wearing next to nothing under her kimono.

I grabbed her satiny hair and twisted it into a ponytail so that I’d have full, hard control over her head and neck. With my other hand, I pressed down on her lower back, and then started pounding my cock inside her cunt.

Fuck, it was like I was some wild machine out of control! I’d never fucked anyone like that before—not with so much intensity or confidence that my partner really wanted me to go that hard. But Ana took me with ease, a lazy, drunken smile on her face as she lurched again and again against the hard, cool metal of her car. From behind was the best position; her pussy felt like a vise. I felt like it was my duty to smash it open.

–A. J. Armstrong in John Gets Jacked, available at Amazon, Nook, and elsewhere. This is Book Two of the Pain Sluts series (download Book One for free on Nook or Smashwords)

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