Deeper Daily: More of The Break-In Billionaire by Lana Fox

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In this excerpt from this brand new series, Leo, The Break-In Billionaire, has lured the risk-thirsty Bethany into breaking into a gorgeous mansion so that they can have steamy sex there…and savor all the risks that accompany such a crime. 

Here, Leo is about to spank Bethany as she kneels on a day bed with her palms pressed against a genuine Monet that hangs on the wall.

Suddenly, Bethany knew exactly what was coming, and she gave a little cry of excitement. Gasping for air, she raised her buttocks so she was leaning more fully onto the painting. She felt Leo raise the short, floaty skirt she’d worn in order to tempt him, and the air fell coolly on her buttocks, piercing through the lace of her clingy briefs. Holding her skirt up, Leo said, “You’re sensational.”

“You’re going to do it, aren’t you?” she said.

“Well,” said Leo, through what sounded like a smile, “you’re messing with Monet. What sort of Dom would I be if I let you get away with that?”

She felt his warm hand pressing against her left hand buttock and drew in her breath, trembling with need. “You told me to touch it.”

“It was a choice, Bethany. I didn’t hear a safe word.”

He pawed her bum cheek, sliding his hand over her, as if exploring her skin. “You’re flawless,” he said. “My ivory nymph.” Then he added, in a lower voice, “And fuck. You’re wet.”

–Lana Fox in Criminally Steamy, Book 2 of The Break-In Billionaire



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