Creamy Tracks: My Baby Just Cares for Me

It’s Lana here, everyone, and I’m happy to announce that Cream: An Erotic Romance is available for pre-order (e-book version)! Yay!

Now, for an addition to our Creamy Tracks. How could I write an erotic romance about a female jazz singer without sharing a live performance from Nina Simone? My Baby Just Cares For Me is on the Cream playlist — meaning that my protagonist Caroline sings it in the novel. In celebration, here’s Simone singing the song live. It’s an absolute treat. (No one does it like Simone, right?) And beneath that, you’ll find a sexy snippet from Cream. Enjoy.

In this excerpt from Cream, Marcus Sir has taken Caroline out for dessert. They’re recovering from a disagreement, when Marcus orders them tiramisu:

CREAM2_BookCoverWith a sudden madness, I splayed my hand and pressed my fingers, palm down, right onto the square of tiramisu so that the sweet cloudy mixture oozed through my fingers and coated my skin.

It felt good to be badly behaved.

“Miss Spence!” He gave a bemused half-smile, then reached for my wrist and clutched it hard. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Being dirty,” I said defiantly. “Doing what I like.” Then I brought my messy fingers to my chest, pressed them onto my throat, and dragged them slowly over my collarbones and right to the top of my cleavage until my whole front was a creamy mess. Then I did it again, splaying my fingers in the dessert, bringing them to my mouth, and sucking the mess off of them, one by one, my gaze never leaving his.

He was so transfixed that his mouth had fallen open, and I knew from the wild light in his eyes that he was as turned on as he was captivated. For my own part, I was horny as hell—defiant and horny and alive.

Very quietly, as I sucked the last of my fingers, his expression grew strong and dark. “You will be punished,” he said.

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