Creamy Tracks: Cry Me a River by Diana Krall

It’s Lana here, folks. So! “Cry Me a River” is central to my forthcoming novel Cream, which will be launched from Go Deeper Press on February 10th, 2015. What’s more, the version of “Cry Me a River” below by the sublime Diana Krall is captivating. In Cream, my heroine Caroline sings this very song live on-stage at the Cry River Jazz Club at an important point in the novel–and wins more attention than she’d thought possible. Check out Diana Krall’s gorgeous version of this classic song below. I’ve also included a snippet from Cream.

An excerpt from Cream

Coming on February 10th, 2015!

Coming on February 10th, 2015!

I was singing the club’s signature song “Cry Me a River” in a black satin dress that clung to me like oil. It was brand new, this dress—a backless number that cut down in a steep V to just above my tailbone. The dress caressed my every curve as I sang, with the whole room’s eyes on me, while Nora, pianist extraordinaire, played the ivories in a slow-sweet slur. I half-believed this dress was supernatural because it conjured the feeling of Sir’s stare just from the way it clung to my body. Perhaps this is why, in the low light of the club, I conjured myself back to Sir’s cellar, imagining what he’d do to me in this dark satin dress, his fingers on my skin, his lips on my neck—

Then suddenly, there he was.

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