Cream’s Birthday – And a Dirty, Creamy Video (Not Safe for Work!)

Cream: An Erotic Romance launches today! Thanks to all of you for your inspiring enthusiasm! I’m thrilled to have such amazing friends, community, and readers.

Okay! Below you’ll find the Cream video (including my voice and a rather dirty fascination with dessert), followed by Justine Elyot‘s and Oleander Plume‘s reviews of the novel, and finally a chance to download Oleander Plume’s Valentine’s gift. Enjoy!

Buy Cream today!

Buy Cream today!

Says the wonderful Justine Elyot: “Ms Fox writes with an unforced sensuality that pours off the page like the eponymous dairy product. This tale of a nightclub chanteuse’s kinky love life treads the fine line between fantasy and believability like a professional tightrope walker – yes, there are rich men and outrageous scenarios, but they are well-written enough to allow the full suspension of disbelief. And hallelujah for a damaged dom who actually GETS THERAPY before getting the girl – E.L.J. et al take note! A lusciously indulgent bedtime read for fans of fantasy D/s – I recommend it.”

Says the fabulous Oleander Plume (on her gorgeous blog, where you can read her full review):


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“The entire book fascinated me, and most importantly, held me captive.

I loved Cream. Besides the unique characters and touching story, there is sex – hot, yummy sex – and plenty of it. There is a scene in this book involving a bathtub and pitcher of cream that honestly had me gasping for air. In fact, when I was pouring cream into my coffee this morning, that scene flashed in my head and my knees got weak. This book will probably have the same effect on you.

Oleander Rating Scale:

Cream gets 5 stars, two thumbs up, a cart-wheel, and a heat rating of “My panties just dropped to my ankles all on their own!”

ALSO, download Oleander Plume’s delightful and sexy-as-hell e-book Redeeming Cupid FREE this Valentines Week only