Brutus Queery Wanks With the Buck-Off: A TMI Sex Toy Review

How kind of Buck Angel who, with all his hard work being one of the most, if not thee most recognized trans guys in porn—and a stallion at that—has made this sex toy with other trans fellas in mind. I heard about the Buck-Off, I don’t know where or when, but I swear my credit card had never been in my hand so quickly. There I was, hitting all the buttons—clicking, clicking—and then waiting like an anxious puppy by the front door for my package to arrive.

According to some trans guys on YouTube, the best thing to do with a stroker is to pump it full of lube, slip your boy bits in there, and just go to fucking town. (Chase has a great review on YouTube that I highly recommend.) And that’s exactly what I did when my package arrived from the Tool Shed, my favorite online sex toy shop. In fact, I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys who beat off in the shower first thing in the morning to kind of clear my mind and decrease, if possible, the size of my horn because it is BIG and RAGING pretty much every day, all the time. Oh, testosterone, how you skew my priorities!

My shower time ended about 20 minutes later than usual, but the Buck-Off didn’t, you know, get me off.

buckoffHowever, the Buck-Off is really, really well-crafted. The SilaSkin is soft and squishy and very, very easy to clean. It felt good on my cock. I squeezed and fucked and squeezed, eyes closed, picturing my partner at the center of a gang bang. I did my very best to get the Buck-Off to make me come, I swear! I mean, gang bangs really work for me, usually. This time, though, it didn’t.

Towel dried and smelling fresh, I eventually had to ask my partner for a little help. (I know SilaSkin, despite its loveliness, can’t really complete with a hot, wet mouth.)

Things I wonder about the Buck-Off:

  1. It might work for guys—ahem—bigger than me. However, Buck does say, “The Buck-Off is designed with trans men who have taken testosterone and have had the effects enlarge their genitals. This model has a wider hole and will accommodate a larger genital area. Though it will also work with non-testosterone trans people as well.”
  2. That said, I firstly made the mistake of not getting myself hard before using the toy, expecting it to do all the work. Nope. Get yourself a little hard, why don’t you? Help the Buck-Off out!
  3. I wish it was a little bit longer. It’s about three to four inches, maybe. Seeing my cock jumping in my hand turns me on. I’d like my stroker to have more length. That said, the girth, I think, is perfect.
  4. The Buck-Off is onyx black. It would be awesome if PerfectFit, the manufacturer of Buck’s toy, would consider offering a wider variety of skin tones.

I’m not giving up on the Buck-Off. Like any new sex toy, there’s sometimes a break-in period, right? I’m committed to achieving gang-bangy bliss before 9:00 a.m., my friends, so around coffee time, you’ll know where to find me. —BQ

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