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New Poetry by Abbie Normal

I love it when poet Abbie Normal sends me emails. I especially love it when she sends me emails with new poetry in them. Which brings us to what’s below: “Automatic Weapon One” and “Automatic Weapon Two” by my favorite poet. Enjoy. -J.   ...Read More

First – Jacob Louder

You can also download First as a pdf. Or skip the click and just start reading below! You can buy the other books in this series by clicking here. Thank you for supporting independently published erotica—your purchase matters! Word count: 17,478 Notes on Content: Includes ...Read More

For “Fucks'” Sake

Hello, friends! Jacob here, writing to let you know some news: First off, Alternative Fucks is now available on Amazon. It’s got a way more boring title and cover to get around those annoying censors, BUT for those of you who enjoy the great ...Read More