August News Round-Up

It is hot at GDP headquarters, and, believe it or not, that has nothing to do with the remarkably steamy erotic manuscripts we’ve been readying for publication. It’s just damn hot, you guys.

So, sweltering hellos from the Pioneer Valley, everyone! This is Jacob, and I’ll be your guide for Go Deeper Press’ August News Round-Up and Other Fun Stuff!

  • WingedHendersons_300This past Monday, Bent was so very happy to release its first young adult novella The Winged Hendersons of Welton-on-Sea, which was written by Sue H. Williams, award-winning author and all around radical queer babe. IT IS SO FUN. (Full disclosure: I was the acquiring editor. Still, though, it totally rules.) Dorie Clark, branding expert extraordinaire, has this to say about it: “For fans of the YA genre, The Winged Hendersons is a revelation. Sue Williams’ warm, engaging, and propulsive writing makes this book about fitting in—or not—a page-turner you simply can’t put down.” Highly recommended for fans of all ages of young adult fiction, it truly is a stunner. You can get a sneak peek right here (just scroll down to the excerpt).
  • Lana has been raving quite consistently about Mia Hopkins’ new novella, Cowboy Player. Something about sexy, romantic, and written like a veritable virtuoso? I think, in short, she’s excited to keep reading, and suggests you bring it to the beach, or the veggie hot dog stand, or your kids’ softball practice right now.
  • Speaking of other things setting Lana’s knickers alight, she also recommends that you read “It Was Time to Play” by our good friend Leonora Solomon, well, right now.
  • buddyA couple of GDP authors have been self-publishing some stellar fiction that you really, really shouldn’t miss. First, there’s Buddy by Natty Soltesz, a two-story collection. Here’s what Natty has to say about said stories: “‘Living the Dream’: Fuck as much as you want, as long as you want, as many times as you want: that’s the dream, and only a good buddy can make it real. ‘Best Buddies’: Two old buddies learn that marriage can’t kill a solid friendship, and hot sex can only make it stronger.”) Like you can turn those down. Abbie Normal has two new poetry collections available on Amazon—Rebel Psalms and Joan of Arc Was a Murderer. And just in case you missed it, A Woman Walks Down the Street is still getting really high praise. I got a link to this amazing review by Tobias just this week.
  • Sick of waiting on Frank Ocean’s new album, I, Jacob Louder, have turned the dial way effin’ back to 1991 or thereabouts, listening almost exclusively to “Krishnacore” by way of 108 and Shelter. When not fighting my false ego or need for sensory gratification (thank you very much, pumpkin muffins a la Lana Fox), I’m also really fascinated and crushed out on this new release by G.L.O.S.S. and this track by PWR BTTM. Good heavens, queer punk is still alive.

And that’s a wrap from us! Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Be safe, and much love,

Jacob (and Lana, too)