Another Reason to Love Benji Bright

Your favorite gay erotica writer has figured out a way to get closer to your heart. Check this out!  —A.

Boy Stories by Benji Bright (M/M erotica, flash fiction)ATTENTION FANS OF HOT + QUEER FLASH FICTION: The first 10 people to email Benji Bright their receipt for Boy Stories from any retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press) will receive in return an additional 500-word story from Mr. Benji Bright. That’s right. A whole new story, just for you. This will bring the total story count of your version of Boy Stories to SIXTEEN quick and dirty gay tales. SIXTEEN! But be fast, because he’s serious about the first 10 folks only.

So get going! Email your receipt right now to benjibright at gmail dot com. He’ll fill you in on the the details.

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