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Our Mission

Sex is fun, and that isn’t all. It’s part of us. And in spite of society’s shaming of it, sex tends to run deep. Sexuality can transform us, help us escape, and, perhaps more importantly, help us become. It can express us, heal us, mess us up. And we know that’s all worth exploring.

We have no bans. We’re anti-shame. We aren’t fans of binaries, either. Call our work erotica. Call it porn. We don’t mind.

Oh. And did we mention we love turning you on?

You can read more about our story here or check out this article at Rolling Stone in which we were included by author Rachel Kramer Bussel.

This Is Lana, This Is Jacob

Lana Fox is a freelance author of erotica and non-fiction, who is co-founder of Go Deeper Press. Her book-length publications include Cream: An Erotic Romance (Go Deeper Press), Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee (HarperCollins), Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, and many others. Lana’s articles and nonfiction appear at Spirituality & HealthBoston MagazineGaiam TVMy Yoga Online, and elsewhere. Her erotica appears in numerous anthologies including Best Women’s Erotica. Fox has appeared on numerous podcasts and radio shows including In Bed with Susie Bright and the Anais Nin Podcast, and has taught erotic writing at various venues. She won the 2012 Non-Fiction Fellowship at the Writers’ Room of Boston, and, under her other name, has won multiple literary awards, and has worked as an editor at a well-known literary magazine. Find out more at godeeperpress.com and lanafox.com.

Jacob Louder is co-founder of Go Deeper Press. He’s responsible for acquisitions, editing, and design. He has published two novellas in the First series, as well as short stories in Hot for HerThe Mammoth Book of Uniform EroticaChemical [se]X, and others. Burpees are his nemesis. He wishes someone would submit the best trans-character-centered novel, erotic or not—but preferably erotic—by contacting him first via Twitter or Facebook.