Abbie Normal’s “A Woman Walks” Available Now

Book cover for A Woman Walks Down the Street by Abbie Normal. There is a winding road in the background.We here are Go Deeper Press are so excited because today is the day: Abbie Normal’s A Woman Walks Down the Street is finally available in both print and digital versions. This is awesome for a number of reasons: Abbie is awesome, her poetry collection is the first book published under our Bent imprint, and Abbie is awesome. She’s so awesome, actually, that she’s given us something really quite special in celebration of her newly published collection: three new poems. Consider them “bonus footage” included with the purchase of her new book. She sent them along earlier this month and was all, “A couple new poems possibly to go up on the blog?” We were like, “YES, THANKS.” Like the rest of her collection, they’re stellar. What can we say? We love Abbie’s words.

Without further delay, here’s “Oh Sister”:



you’re breaking my heart,

and I am not tough

though my leather boots and tattooed muscles

say otherwise.

Some of you have accepted me from the start,

others still choose to define me as confused or insane,

        and I am confused, state of grace,

        and I am insane, new perspectives,

and I admit that I was bewildered at first,

listening to anyone who would talk to me

and yes there was a time when I wore the clothes you picked out for me

and listened to everyone except myself

and I have never seen a picture of a trans woman who looks like me

and when will there be pictures taken of trans women

who look like me?

Sister. You’re breaking my heart,

and I’m not interested in finding new ways to cover

my five o’clock shadow

because the bearded lady is beautiful at the circus

or on the streets

or this is what I tell myself

in my more confident moments

but I am not always confident,

like when you put on slide shows

highlighting the changes

between your old self and your new self

but I still look the same

and how long will it be before I am accepted as real?

When will you believe my shaky deep voice

when I offer my truth?

You wonder why I don’t show up for

events or gatherings

where I have to

        define myself daily

in my own head

and I’m sick of having to

        define myself daily

to people

who also have to

        define themselves daily

and you’re breaking my heart,

it’s in pieces on the ladies room floor

that I can’t enter without screams

so swing the door wide

and let me pass

        though I still ache and grieve

for your manicured hands

        on my tomboy chest.

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